Thursday, June 25, 2015

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Hello again family! It seems like every week p-day comes faster and faster. CRAZY!! This week has been totally, insanely crazy and wonderful. So many wonderful miracles.


Miracle #1.
This week it has rained hardcore every night. That by itself is a huge tender mercy for me. All the people here tell me I should have served in BC because I always want to dance around in the rain. Every time we needed to be outside a LOT, it would stop raining and then literally as soon as we went into a house, it would pour and then stop when we came out again! Literally every day!!! It was a miracle!!!

Miracle #2.
One day this week, I was having a really bad day. But I really wanted to be effective and use all the Lord's time wisely. So I prayed HARDCORE. And the rest of the day was a HUGE MIRACLE!!! We took one of the Laurels with us to go finding for a bit. We felt prompted to stop by a less-active that never lets us in and - you probably guessed it - SHE LET US IN!! Then, still with a member, we went to teach another less-active lady we haven't seen in several weeks!! It was sooooo great! Then we went to a baptism. Then it started pouring rain and Sister Cardona let me play in it for a few minutes before we planned for the next day.
This week Sister Cardona and I studied the talk by Elder Christofferson called "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread". It focuses on how we need to turn to Christ to help us even just to make it day by day. And I really got the chance to apply this principle as I just needed to be able to make it through the day and in response to my prayer, Heavenly Father put so many blessings in my life.

Miracle #3.
An investigator in a ward nearby got baptized on Friday. He is sooooo solid. He has only been meeting with missionaries for 3 weeks. His wife left him and their 18 month old daughter when she found out he was investigating. But like the next day he came to our ward and bore his testimony in sacrament meeting about how he knows this is the true church!!! His baptism was REALLY nice. He bore a powerful testimony. AND.....

2 OF OUR INVESTIGATORS CAME TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T and J. They stayed after and we talked with them about it. It was so spiritual. Oh man. SOO GREAT!

Yesterday we LITERALLY tracted ALL DAY. It was sooooo exhausting!! haha! But it was really, really great. We tracted out 2 entire complexes and several cul-de-sacs around the area. LITERALLY everyone we talked to was from India. haha not a single white person in 7 hours!! #MillwoodsPride #CultureParty #WishISpokePunjabi

Miracle #4.
While tracting, we met a super nice lady with an extremely difficult name. I'll call her N. She let us in and we talked to her for a while. She was sooooo nice!!! We set up a time to come back to keep teaching her and as we were leaving, she was like "I really think you two ladies will be my friends now!" :D It was soooo sweet. oh man. I love her so much. :)

Then later, after supper, we did another power hour. And while we were tracting for that, we met a girl from Ghana named E. She was sooooo cool! And she let us in to teach her. Her family has always been very religious, but she never really grasped it. So she was like "I might as well try now!" haha! She was so great. I'm really excited to start teaching her!!

It was just so cool this week to see just how much God sustains us. He really did give me my daily bread this week and then some. I have a testimony that God doesn't just want us to endure through, He wants us to enjoy through. And that is why He blesses us with tender mercies and miracles. It's such a joy and privilege to spend this time working as an instrument in the Lord's hands to fulfill this purpose for others.

Love ya!!
Sister Whiting

Happy Father's Day!!

It was the gift the Relief Society passed out in church for the dads. But, of course, when you're a missionary, you get everything. like. literally. If we walk into the church when someone is having a party of ANY kind, even if they don' t know us, they'll fill up several plates of food for us. If we are tracting near a member and they notice us outside, they'll let us in to feed us. If it's father's day and they have root beer and beef jerky for the dads, we get some too. :)

It started raining and hailing super hard and i wanted to go dance in it. (Sister Whiting has ALWAYS loved the rain. Too bad it's a blurry picture)

Within minutes there were lakes in our cul-de-sac!!


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