Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Missionary Work in the #DigitalAge

I'm 20 now and that's totally weird.

Alright. So this week was totally random and weird. There's really no way for me to tell you about it in an organized way.

For my birthday I got an iPad mini. It's pretty sweet but weird. And every time I'm on it I think I'm breaking a rule. Also I still don't really know how to use it that well. Being a missionary has really taken it out of me.

My favorite part about iPads are the interactive teaching pamphlets. They're on an app called "LDS Pamphlets" which is free to anyone who so chooses to download. They make the lessons sooo much cooler. I think you'll only know what I'm talking about if you get the app. So do that. :)

Also when we first got them, President Manion was like, "Now, Elders and Sisters, you have Photo Booth on your iPads. You might as well do that first and get it out of your system before you don't use it again." haha. so yeah. We played on Photo Booth for like 5 minutes and then felt like sinners.....#missionaryproblems

We also had MLC (Mission Leader Conference) on Friday. It was ALL DAY. Literally. We were sitting in the Relief Society room from 10:30 am to 7:20 pm. Elder Christensen from the presidency of the Seventy came to talk to us. It was so cool. He is sooo coool!! He talked to us about recognizing the voice of the Spirit. As he was talking, I felt the Holy Ghost so strongly! It was a very powerful confirmation to me that Elder Christensen is called of God and that I have the spirit with me as a missionary.

Literally. All of our scheduled appointments this week fell through. So. We basically tracted the whole world. As annoying as it is when appointments fall through, it was actually a cool week because we had to work really hard to hear and follow promptings of the spirit. I think we have a tendency to just make a schedule and follow it. But EVERYTHING we do should be by the spirit. So it was cool to see what miracles happened when we went where the spirit lead us.

All of our investigators came to church this week!!!! And our potential that we've been trying to work with forever came with her family. :)

I had my birthday. That was cool. Sister Cardona didn't wake me up until 6:30 on the dot because she decorated my mirror and stuff with all sorts of fun birthday decorations. :) Also I got a sweet card from Sister Holbrook at MLC. Also my past 2 comps texted me. :) So that was totally great. Other than that, missionary work doesn't really allow for a big 'ole celebration. So we worked. haha

yeah. I think that's it. Transfers are tomorrow and basically the whole world is getting transferred except Sister Cardona and me. And I think we'll get the car all to ourselves because they took the Elders out of Lakewood. So yeah. Life is good. Crazy. But good.

Love you all!!!
Sister Whiting

Sister Whiting got an adorable birthday email from one of her good friends at home. She gave me permission to share it: 

Sister Whiting!!

HAPPY HAPPY birthday! I hope it was a super fabulous day filled with happiness and sunlight and missionary-ing and singing.

To celebrate your birthday, I came to work! It's 5:30 am, so 11 and a half hours down, 30 minutes to go (5:30=5/30=the day you were borned) I didn't even fall asleep on accident in honor of you being 20! I also emptied my patient's catheter 10 times (that*2=20, which is how old you are!) Twenty is also probably the number of times I refilled my patient's water mug. You were born in '95, and that's the number of way too personal details that I learned about my patient's life that I didn't actually want to know about anyone, ever! I am a 1:1 sitter tonight (meaning I've been sitting with the same patient my whole shift), and you are the number 1 sister missionary! So Sister Whiting, the Progressive Care Unit at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center wishes you a very happy birthday!

Enjoy the giggle!

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