Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"Shake Off The Chains With Which Ye Are Bound"

Hey hey!! How's everyone?! This week has been quite full, so prepare yourself for a longer email...:)

Last week we went on exchanges. I got to go to Red Deer to be with Sister Ward for a day. It was sooo amazing! We literally taught a gangster. He hasn't been active in the church since he was a pre-teen. It broke my heart to see how much his life could relate to the "His Grace" videos. But it has helped him understand the Atonement better than ever before. What a powerful lesson!!!!!

Sister Cardona and I did something called a "Power Hour" and it was MIRACULOUS!!! Basically we just go to a member's house and ask them to pick a place on the map for us to go spend an hour tracting. Then they say a prayer for us to have success. After an hour of finding, we return to the member's house to report what happened. Here's what happened during our power hour:

-We only met nice people.

-A man gave us a couple of referrals!!

-We met a potential that I'll call M. She said we could come back to teach her.

-We knocked on a man's door. He pulled 3 chairs onto his porch and we taught him for the next hour. He was SUPER intense!!! At first he was asking us all sorts of great questions about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. After a while though he began to straight up bash. And we just sort of sat there not talking. He said the closing prayer and this is what he said. "Please rebuke us daily and give these girls discernment so they won't be deceived any longer". :O

You're probably wondering why that was such a great experience...

Honestly I don't like bashing. It makes me soooo sad for people. But this was a neat experience for me and Sister Cardona. It's sooo important to follow the spirit so you know whether you should try to answer back or if you should just not say anything and leave. And we were perfectly unified in the spirit. We both knew quite clearly that we needed to just stay silent and then leave when we got the chance. It was soo cool to have that unity!!

I got my birthday package finally. :D It was quite amazing. We made the cake and ate almost all of it during our leadership conference call the other day. haha Good thing too cause it was a long call. #SoFatNow #TenderMercies #WeLoveCake Sister Cardona says thanks btw.

On Sunday, we had a few extra minutes before supper, so we decided to go try to contact more of the former investigators. At one house, the couple that we were looking for had moved. So we started talking to the current resident about what we do as missionaries. Her name is R and she is soooooo cool. She was like "Well. Do you have a book you can give me?" So we kinda awkwardly were like "oh. haha yeah. That's what we do..." After we gave her a Book of Mormon and a Restoration pamphlet, she was like "Alright. When are you coming back to talk about it?" ....So we have an appointment with her this week and I'm sooooooo stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok. Now. For my favourite MIRACLE OF THE WEEK.

Yesterday, after a lesson with a less-active, we decided to try and go teach a referral we recieved last week. On the way there, we stopped to use the washroom at KFC. And as we were walking out, there was a lady off to the side smoking. Unfortunately for us, we kept walking without talking to her. But God loves me and gave me a second chance. The lady called out to us and was like "Hey you ladies look really nice today!" So we went back and we complemented her sparkly purple shoes and just like that, we were friends and having a great conversation.

As we got talking, she told us about the struggles she is facing and how she is trying to find a treatment centre that she could go to. I told her about some of the treatment centres I learned about from people in Drayton Valley and she got sooo excited!! And we ended up talking to her for a good 45 minutes. I just felt like it was such a miracle!! She was prepared to talk to us. But we were also prepared to talk to her! If I hadn't have served in DV, I wouldn't know ANYTHING about treatment centres or anything like that. So it was soo cool for me to see how God fulfills His plans. :) And I'm soo excited to start teaching her!!

This week my goal was to live everyday thinking like a greenie. I read a talk by Marvin J. Ashton called "Shake Off the Chains With Which Ye Are Bound". He talks about how we all have chains tying us down that stop our spiritual progression. Some may be physical like drug or alcohol addiction. Some may be emotional like depression or doubt.

Mine lately has definitely been doubt. Sadly I got into the habit of doubting that miracles will happen. We schedule appointments but I doubt that people will show up for them. We plan to help people get baptized but I doubt they will make it.
But I think it is because of my doubt that miracles don't happen.

So each day I wake up and I shake the chains of doubt off my back.
I pray in faith that God will bless the lives of the people around me. Then I work and work and pray and work like it all depends on me.

This week has been AMAZING and I fully believe that it is because I have been able to shake off the chains that were binding me. It's soooo amazing!! What a power it is to live with the Atonement! I invite you all to do so!!!

Love ya!!
Sister Whiting


love these girls!

Caught in the rain #tendermercy #lovetherain

Birthday cake - finally!

Our mission leader's daughter pretending to be Sister Whiting

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