Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"RESTORATION SUNDAY" or "Super Loud and Thundery" or "Exhausted but Extra Diligent"

Well. I guess I'd better be totally honest. I have no idea what to write home this week. It was pretty quiet around here. (Actually it was super loud and thundery, but whatevs.)

We spent quite a bit of time finding this week. We realized that even though we have a lot of people to work with, none of them really want us to work with them. So we went knock knock knockin on a billion doors!!!

Sunday was RESTORATION SUNDAY!! As it turns out, it was also a missionary farewell for this super popular kid. So yeah. It was packed! But with lots of members....so...oh well. We got to teach about the restoration in super detail to the relief society. It was really nice. I think the relief society sisters thought our lesson was a hoot. haha. We made them play telephone to show how the message from God gets mixed up without a prophet. #gamesmakeeverythingbetter

After meeting with C again, we finally learned why she has been procrastinating baptism. Turns out she doesn't believe the Joseph Smith story. At first it made me SOO sad to hear this. But as I thought about it more, I realized that God was answering my prayers. I have been asking to know what we can teach to help her progress, and I got my answer. So we're excited to work with what we've been given. :)

So on Saturday, we decided to make invitations for Restoration Sunday. While we were in the church library making copies, we got a text from 
the YSA sisters asking us to go let them into the church. So we left and opened the door for them. As soon as we walked back into the library, the Elders jumped up from behind the counter. Literally we screamed so loud. I fell down. It was so scary. THEN!!!!! Later that day we were driving to an appointment and a huge truck pulled out really fast and almost T-boned us!!!!! IT WAS SO SCARY!!!!!! So I think I had a mini heart attack. TWICE.

Why am I telling you this?

Well. After 2 scary adrenaline rush events, we were like EXHAUSTED! Seriously. So. Tired. Plus. We have been walking a lot more lately to save klicks. So we were already beat.

BUT!!!!! We set a weekly goal to be EXTRA DILIGENT. And of course, every time we set a goal by the spirit, Satan always tries really hard to get us to NOT accomplish it. So instead of saying, "We're really tired, let's take a break." We decided to just push through!! SO WE
WORKED SOO HARD the rest of the day to spite Satan. haha. #whatnowsatan #whataloser

Nothin is more satisfying than going to bed at night knowing you've done all you could despite the opposition! NO UNHALLOWED HAND CAN STOP THE WORK FROM PROGRESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah. Work hard. It's the best.
Sister Whiting

p.s. if anyone has an idea for how we can get back at the Elders, let us know asap. :)
The Red Deer Sisters
Exchanges with Sister Ward

The drive to Red Deer (courtesy Sister Burton)

Baseball!!! Thanks, Dad.

Comp Selfie!!

Anna, our favorite person ever, is going to Uganda for a month. I will miss her!!!

Look! Celestial beings!!!! haha. jk. but seriously, we are so white...haha!

*Note from the editor: So glad these ladies can soak up some vitamins in the sun!! Who wouldn't want to learn the gospel from such happy, beautiful faces?! We had the "super loud and thundery" here, too. THANK YOU, to Alanna, for taking a package from Boise to Edmonton for our girl!!! You are wonderful and we are grateful!!!

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