Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Takeover

You'll have to forgive me if this email is boring. I'm like dying of tiredness because last night we couldn't go to bed until like midnight. Here's why:

Once upon a time last night we put a load of laundry in before we started nightly planning so that we could throw it in the dryer before bed. Then we planned and got ready to go to bed. When we went to change the load, it hadn't actually turned on, so our clothes were dry. Lame. We started it for real then went to bed.
Literally RIGHT as we turned off the lights at 10:30, a FREAKISHLY LOUD STORM arose. There was, no joke, perpetual thunder for at least a half hour, and lightning that lit up the sky and our whole house every 45 seconds or so. It was nuts.
So we couldn't sleep. As we were freaking out, we heard a loud rush of water coming from our basement. (Which is a creepy place btw. We don't go there unless it's necessary) After working up the courage to go down and see what the problem was, we found that our washer was POURING water onto our floor. That was freaky. So after performing surgery on it for about 25 minutes, we fixed it enough that our house wouldn't get ruined.
Then we were afraid of the storm until about midnight when we got to sleep.

So I'm a bit on the tired side. haha. But don't worry.


(and it's p-day so we can be tired and no one's salvation will suffer haha)

This week was really great besides last night. I officially took over Lakewood and I got my new companion successfully. She's SUPER DUPER wonderful. Her name is Sister Burton. She's from Utah. And she and I are pretty much the same exact person. So it's been great. :)

This week we saw some miracles. We got 2 new investigators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like all my dreams are coming true! Jk. kinda...haha

One is named T. She's really great. She's been taught before but it was before I was even born. haha. So we're teaching her again. We usually teach her while we weed her garden. So that's fun. She also has, like, a million pets and we got to hold one of them. :) It was soooo cute!!! She's had a lot of difficult things happen in her life in the past so our lessons with her are sooo great because her heart is so open to the spirit. I've never seen someone appreciate the love of God so much.

Our other new investigator is S.O. who we tracted into. She's super funny. haha. As soon as we went in to teach her, we connected. #InstantFriends She's has such a strong testimony of prayer and scripture study. It's like we don't even need to teach her but we do. haha.

We did service for our other investigator C. She's super into having a year supply of food in her cupboards just in case....gee. sounds familiar, hey? So yeah. It was time for her to go through it and donate the old stuff and update. So we helped her with that. She ended up pawning a lot of food off on us. So I don't think we need to go grocery shopping today....haha love her. It was fun to help her out.

I finished reading Jesus the Christ this week. You know that sadness you get when you've finished reading the Harry Potter series and you're not sure what to do with your life? I pretty much feel like that now. So I decided to start reading the New Testament and use Jesus the Christ as a study guide thing with it? I'm pretty stoked!

Really though. I'm stoked. I've really seen my testimony and determination in the gospel increase as I've learned about the Saviour. This week in particular, I've been thinking about one line.


I know this to be true. The gospel is full of truths that have made me free as I've loved and obeyed them. I love that we know of these truths simply because God loves us! And he wants us to be free.
At http://beta.mormon.org/beliefs/following-god.php there is a wonderful video that reminds me of this. Actually just check out that whole website. It's wonderful. :)

Sister Whiting

And....Happy Sweet 16th Birthday to my BFF little sister Emma!!!!!! 

I love you, Emma!!
And now for the traditional singing of all the birthday songs.....(which feels a little weird all by myself.) There is a part one and a part two to get all of them.

Got to see my lovely Sister Warr at transfer meeting! Love her!!

Got to see my BFF Sister Jones at transfer meeting too!! MISS HER!!!!!
NEW COMPANION!! Sister Burton!!
The following shows you our companionship...

I found out that I am related to Elder Ustach, on the far left. He is a descendant of Edwin Whiting.
Me holding T's bird. haha So funny!! It made the funniest sounds.

I'll admit I was a little afraid it would bite me ear...

And it's claws were really sharp. haha

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