Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Whirlwind Week

Well. Some little kid kicked me off the computer, so I have to try and type out this week's email on the iPad. So pardon the brevity of this email. It's quite challenging to type and spell correctly.

This week was a WHIRLWIND!! So much happened that I can't really even remember it. Sister Cardona and I got to give trainings at 2 zone training meetings in the same day. That was exciting. Especially since we lost the directions to the chapels we were supposed to go to. So we practiced our navigating skills. :)

I went on exchanges with another greenie named Sister Kirts. She's from Southern California and is just plain adorable. We had lots of fun and learned lots. Meanwhile Sister Cardona was with her companion in Stettler (aka the middle of nowhere). I really gained a testimony that the Lord is in our planning. The exchange worked out exactly as it needed to and it was because we were blessed with the spirit to direct us.

You probably saw on Facebook that we finally did our Mormon.org booth!!! It was SOOOOOOOO successful!! A few of our members came and brought lemonade for us to give away. It was super super hot so it was perfect. I did get pretty sunburned....but it was completely worth it. :) I would do it again in a heartbeat. In fact. I AM doing it again!!! Only this time...I'll be doing it with


That's right. Sister Cardona is going to finish her mission follow up training Sister Jones' greenie in a walking area and I have to take over Lakewood!!! I'm a little nervous but also really excited. President said we're going to have too much fun together. :)

I'm really excited about missionary work. Of course I'm always excited about it. But this week especially. The booth got our ward members excited about it. We are getting new investigators. We have a baptism planned. Things are just looking up for Lakewood and I'm so thankful the Lord is blessing us with so much success.

I hope all of you can spend this week seeing how the Lord is blessing YOU with success.

Sister Whiting

P.s. I got the package, mom, :) but I didn't actually get to see Bro. G. Oh well. It was so great. Thanks!!!

Our Mormon.org booth was a hit!

Millwoods West zone training meeting
We love the Blommaerts!!

We never go to the Blommaerts without getting ice cream!! :)

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