Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"Everyone Needs an Occasional Gong Show"

We debated what to title this letter. I think she has been feeling discouraged. She wanted to call the whole thing a "gong show" but I was going to call it "Mission FUNdamentals." We agreed that we all learn things from the occasional "gong show" days.
My BFF Sisters at MLC

This week was a gong show. So this email is a gong show. Sorry. I'll tell you a story now.

Once upon a time, we got a referral from the YSA sisters. It took a long time to finally get a hold of him but last week at the end of p-day we finally did. His name is R. He's from India. (shocker) And he REALLY likes yoga. He had us start our lesson off with deep breathing exercises while he rubbed the backs of our heads....haha yeah. We're teaching him this week and we'll be sure to wear ponytails.

We had MLC (Mission Leader Conference) and it was probably my favourite one ever because 3 of my companions were there!!!!! It was soooo fun to be with Sister Burton, Sister Jones, Sister Wilson, AND Sister Holbrook. If Sister Warr had been there, it would have been so perfect. Besides the fact that my BFFs were there, it was also a super revelatory MLC. I'm kinda at that point where I should feel super good at what I'm doing but I don't. At MLC we pretty much got trained on the basics and it was then that I realized all that I wasn't doing that would help me. It was a HUGE answer to prayers. Now Sister Burton and I are studying the FUNdamentals that we learned in the MTC to try and get us back to the basics.

The only weird thing about MLC was that President had me bear my testimony at the end. He usually has old missionaries who are going home soon do that. So when he called me up, I was like ...(  ).

Oh well. We had Heritage Days!!! It's so weird doing annual things for the second time on your mission.....the weirdest part was that the food bank lady recognized me. In the middle of her spiel about how to get maximum donations, she was like "Hey. I think you were here last year! I remember you" and the other missionaries were like," what?". It was weird. oh well.

While collecting donations, I saw a BUNCH of people from Greenfield including the people who took me to Jasper, the Strongs, and the Haylins. I thought I was going to die of happiness.

We decided to go find more less actives that we don't know. We found one who seemed sooo great!! We asked the Relief Society president about her, and she told us she had a reputation of using the church for a cleaning service and then refusing to come. So we were all upset that she wasn't golden.

But then we went to go visit her and it was AMAZING!!! She is recovering from a life of hard drug use and prostitution. As a result she is quite unable to do much on her own. Nevertheless we took the advice of our relief society president and didn't offer our cleaning service. Instead we listened to her and taught about the love and grace of our Saviour Jesus Christ. It was such a spiritual lesson. It was then that Sister Burton and I both felt in our hearts that she is ready to hear about the gospel again. We both left feeling so excited that the spirit was so strongly present!! I just LOVE moments when it's that clear.

On Sunday, L (the little girl that got baptized a few weeks ago) wanted to bear her testimony in sacrament meeting, but her mom had left. So she grabbed my hand and pulled me up to the pulpit to have me help her. She was wearing my name tag all 3 hours of church and so she bore her testimony about the missionaries. How cute is that?!?!?

Well. I have to go freak out some more about my bro's mission call. Also buy groceries and all that jazz. I'll talk to ya next week!!

Love ya,
Sister Whiting

Note from the Editor: So the whole week wasn't really a gong show. She is doing great things. That little girl who was able to share her testimony will always remember Sister Whiting, just like the food bank lady - except for a much better reason. :-)

Gathering for the Mission call opening...
Sister Whiting's brother, Parker, waited three weeks for his mission call to arrive. He finally got it yesterday. He is going to California Riverside, Spanish speaking. He will report October 7. This means they won't see each other for 3 1/2 years unless we can make a group Skype at Christmas work... But they both know it is the right thing to do. So proud of them!!!

Volunteering at Heritage Day - Looking good in our vests, hey?

The food bank lady remembered me and gave me a hat.
The apron reminds me of my Hobby Lobby days. 
We are so cool in our Food bank hats.

Siga Tibs from Ethiopia - Yum

Got to see one of my favorite families from Greenfield!

Isn't she so cute!?!

Caught in the rain

Heritage Days Festival!!


Some members gave us Basil and Rosemary plants. Yum!
Sister Whiting's Dad thinks the smallest missionary has the biggest testimony!

Temple P-day with Sister Burton!

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