Thursday, August 27, 2015

#Lakewood Pride (parts 1 &2)

I'm extremely sad today. So...This email is gonna be sad. Probably.
Remember how sad I was when I got separated from Sister Jones?? Yeah. It's like that. Again.

That's right. I'm getting transferred out of Lakewood and that means goodbye to Sister Burton. :(

Yesterday morning President Manion called to assign me to open up a NEW sister training leader area in Sherwood Park. Remember how I had a companion named Sister Wilson? Well. My new companion's name is ALSO Sister Wilson. haha. So that's cool. Two Sister Wilsons!! Pretty much my job for the next 6 weeks will be to train S. Wilson on how to be an STL and get everything up and running in Glen Allan. Sounds fun, hey?

I'm pretty excited. I'm just totally sackcloth and ashes right now cause I love Sister Burton so much. Also. Cause Imma miss Lakewood tons and tons. I will miss our investigators. And the members. And the crazy people here. And all the Sikh people. oh man. This is sad.

This was a pretty good last week though. I got to go on exchanges to Stettler and got like 50 gazillion bug bites. hooray!!! I got sick. haha. And the Elders tried to poison me with Nyquil. (they found out I'm a Nyquil lightweight so naturally they thought it'd be hilarious to give me a large dose)

... (Sister Whiting's first email ended here. Then, after a little while, I got the second half in another email.)

Seriously. Did I just send an incomplete email????? ugh.#justoneofthosedays

So anyways.

Our investigator C took us out to dinner Friday AND Saturday.

Funny story time:

On Friday, we arrived at C's house and she proceeded to tell us she was kidnapping us. From there, she took us to Mucho Burrito where she got us like $100 of Mexican food. (remember that Alberta doesn't have hardly any Mexican food). After the meal, we were essentially kidnapped and taken to Goodwill where she proceeded to buy us $200 worth of clothes!!! (She told us that for the past week she's been having nightmares that the sisters don't have enough clothes...)

But ya know what?! As sweet as that was, it wasn't as sweet as what happened yesterday.
We went to her house so I could say goodbye. And after we all moped for a while, she basically just told me how much I've done for her and how she feels like I've successfully accomplished what God intended for me in Lakewood because of how much I've done for her and whatnot. Then she just hugged me for like forever. :( And I just cried. On her shoulder. Cause I love her so much and I'm going to miss her so much.

We saw our other investigator T to say goodbye and we both cried at that one.

I'M JUST GOING TO MISS THESE PEOPLE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! I'm so grateful for the chance I had to work with such incredible people. My testimony has grown more being here than any other time on my mission. #Lakewoodpride

Love you all!!

Sister Whiting

p.s. next week will probably be psycho just so you know. haha
Me and C

Me and T

T, Me and Sister B

Me and another friend with a C name

We pawn off any sweets on the Elders. This is how they feel when we give them sugar.(Yeah, they look like guys that would think it is funny to give her too much Nyquil...haha)

Eating Mexican with C
Sister Whitening (pretty much how everyone says my name these days)

Me and L

Me, L and friend, A
District Lagtagate (Lakewood, Tagalog, Southgate)

One time we had to help C load all this ketchup into little bottles...haha!

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