Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Then Shall I Make Weak Things Strong

Bad news. I got my trunky call. Sheesh. Satan can't even give me 1 day!!! Also. I got sick. But don't worry. Between all my missionary friends, I've got Nyquil tablets, liquid Nyquil, Vitamin C chewables, Vitamin C drink powder, cough drops, Vitamin C drops, and a Nutella milkshake from Harvey's. haha I'll be good.

Me trying to look "non-savage" while sick. (Seriously?!?! I wish I could be this cute when I am sick! -Mom)
In the midst of my sickness yesterday, Sister Burton and I had a very interesting experience. We met a lady named K. She called the temple asking for us to come visit her. So we set up an appointment last week to come see her this week. When we went to go see her, she kept texting us saying she was looking for us off her balcony, but we couldn't see anyone. For like 30 minutes. So we were starting to get kinda freaked out. (granted it was a dark, stormy night so that didn't help). Finally we found her. She just appeared out of nowhere. She said she didn't feel safe leaving her apartment alone, so she dropped her key down to us from her balcony so we could let ourselves in...

She lives in really nice apartment that smells like paint. When we went in, she had nothing in her house except a table and chairs. So we sat down and without hesitation, she launched into her life story that lasted about an hour and half. It included her childhood, her dating life, her past sins and how she feels about them, her experience with repentance, her time living as a homeless person, her current hobbies and passions, and her desire to baptize everyone into her church that she wants to create. So.....after all that, we managed to tell her we have a curfew and that we needed to leave. Take into consideration that throughout all of this, I was the functional equivalent of a drunk person (all thanks to Nyquil. hate that stuff.) So. Good job handling it Sister Burton.

Speaking of Sister Burton. She's amazing. Have I ever emphasized that before?? She is so great. I think I will die of sadness when we get separated. She has been faithfully taking care of me while I'm a ridiculously loopy invalid. (She also faithfully takes pictures of me while I'm sleep talking and laughs at me when I run into things but what are friends for?) So yeah. I love her. A lot.

No comment necessary.
Despite all the craziness of yesterday, this week has been INCREDIBLY spiritual for me. I've heard the song, "I Stand All Amazed" so many times. But it has never meant so much to me as it does now. This week I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me. I'm legitimately confused at the grace that He so fully proffers me. I'm so far from perfect, and yet, each day He blesses me so much. I've made many mistakes in the past transfer and yet, this week has been FULL of miracles. Why? I don't deserve it.

-Last Monday we got a new investigator named Z. She is awesome.
-At the end of p-day last week, we got the chance to teach T in a member's home!!
-When we drove home, our mailbox had a box of Cob's bread in it.
-The next day, we gave a training at the fellow trainer's meeting and it went super well!!
-After the meeting we got to teach several of our less active members who haven't been home for the past few months.
-On Thursday we had a really spiritually uplifting district meeting.
-We did our Mormon.org booth again and it was GRREEAATT. We gave out 25 copies of the Book of Mormon and got 6 phone numbers!!!

#Booth #FindingGenius
-On Friday we finally got to Facetime teach our investigator A who has been in Ontario for the past month.

Face Time teaching A!!!!!!!
-On Sunday, T came to church!!!!!!!

So yeah. I feel like this whole week I've had to end my day with a long prayer of gratitude. I've been constantly wondering why I got to see so many miracles despite all my weaknesses. I love to hear in Ether 12:27 when Christ teaches that He will make our weaknesses become strengths. That's kinda been my motto this week. Now I just need my physical weakness to literally become strength so I can go on exchanges with Stettler tonight. haha 

Sister Whiting

Love this Sista

Sister Warr is home now!!! :( :( :( :(

Saying good-bye to Sister Warr

Exchanges with the amazing Sister Linford

Southgate Sisters
This is the Millwoods Towne Centre

Ward Picnic. Inside 'cause this is Canada where it rains everyday in the summer. 

Our ward mission leaders daughter is sooooo cute!!!!

Look Mom! No hands!! (She literally climbed onto me like a monkey.)

We needed to drop off some stuff at the Elder's home. This pretty much sums up our personalities.
All my Millwoods friends.

Pretty much my favorite people ever!!!!

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