Tuesday, September 8, 2015

There Can Be MIIIRRRACLESSSSSS, When You BELIEVE!!! *sing it loud and proud*

Mission Leader Conference. All my surviving companions are in this picture. Sister B Wilson, Sister J Wilson, Sister Burton, Sister Jones, and a few other favorites like Sister Holbrook and Sister Rush. #fullnessofjoy #lovethesegirls #perksofbeinginleadership
This is a week FULL of exciting news!!! So here we go!
1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!!!!!! Just thought I'd start my email with that exciting news!!!!! My cutie little bro turned a whole decade old. woah. haha (And it was a #peacemcswagalicious nice birthday, too, hey!)

2. Our Fb investigator Pierre has decided to get baptized!! :D Granted. I won't be at the baptism. 'Cause he lives in Europe..........but still. SO COOL!! We'll have to help him transition to his European missionaries this week for that. So we'll see!

3. We had MLC this week and I got to be in the same room as almost all my favourite people except Sister Warr and Sister Cardona!!! #Fulnessofjoy We spent the 6 hours talking about how we can help the mission increase the number of baptisms every year. :O yeah. It was long. But cool! We set up a plan of action to get everyone started!!! SO STOKED!

4. Remember C from Lakewood? Who bought us clothes and food all the time? Well. She somehow managed to STILL get food and stuff for me and my new companion while I'm all the way in Sherwood Park. She sent it with Sister Burton to MLC and now I have a ridiculous stock pile of candy and Ketchup chips by my desk..... #Immagetfat #3monthstosexyfail

5. We got to see our investigator K the other day. She was sooooooo sweet. She hasn't had company in so long that when we showed up, she had made her coffee table look all elegant with china plates and mugs and serviettes and stuff. She gave us delicious herbal tea and muffins!!! It was like a fancy tea party where we also talked about the gospel. hahaha. so nice. (except for the bug that was floating around in my mug......try tactfully taking that out while teaching the restoration.....lol)

6. On Sunday we decided to go to Young Women's for third hour. The young women in this ward are like all AMAZING. They're all super pretty and WAAY nice. IT was soooo great. I sat by Isabella who is actually Sister Morrison's sister!!! WAY COOL! So I think I'm going to be best friends with her. She reminded me of Emma. :) After church, they all ran to their moms to convince them to sign up to feed the sister missionaries. So. Our month is full. I guess the way to the ward is through the youth! #swerve #lovethem #lovingglenallan

7. I went on exchanges with the Tofield sisters this week! Sister Hill and Sister Van Vaulkenberg! IT was soooo fun! Tofield is a lot like Drayton Valley. So it was so fun for me to go there and be kinda sorta home. :) While we were there, we taught their investigator J who is super great! He has so much faith!
After his lesson, our next appointment fell through. So we were leafing through potentials trying to decide what to do, when all of a sudden, Sister Hill thought of a family to see. After she said their name, she was like "oh no. we can't try them. they're never home. blah blah....NO. THE SPIRIT TOLD ME TOO! WE HAVE TO TRY THEM."
So we went to their house and sure enough, they were all there and invited us in! We read the Book of Mormon with them and as we were reading, I had such a distinct feeling that this family was going to be sooo solid! They were reading the scriptures as a family and they set a goal to continue doing so. They are setting their foundation upon the Rock! :D

8. We got to do service for a less active lady in the ward. She made me a hat that's super sweet. Also. She let us have some of her potatoes. But we had to dig them up ourselves. So I got to harvest potatoes. I think for the first time. #ArentIfromIdaho #Apparentlynot #idahopride So that was delicious. :)


Once upon a time Sister Wilson and I equally love Harry Potter almost too much. (but really. who can blame us?) However, we have both been out for quite some time now. And the mission veil continues to grow thicker and thicker. (strange description, hey?)
So one night, while we were nightly planning, we somehow got on the topic of midnight premieres and I mentioned that my first midnight movie was Harry Potter #5 with Brittany! So then we started talking about HP and as we were talking, we realized we couldn't remember the title to the 5th and 6th books. We like TOTALLY panicked. It was quite ridiculous. I never thought I could forget. haha #missionprobs.
Finally we discovered that the members we live with had the books on the shelf by our desks. So we remembered and felt like idiots. haha.
The end.

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! :)

Sister Whiting
Once a ballerina. Always a ballerina.
Map of Sherwood Park that President drew for me.

Haha. Yes!

Sister Whiting - Horse Whisperer

Sister Whiting and Sister Hill: morning edition.

Sisters Whiting and Sister Hill: Cute sun edition

Sister Whiting and Sister Hill: laughing edition

Sister Van, Sister Wilson, Sister Hill & moi

Peaches and cream

weekly planning got a bit crazy this week...haha...love my little African comp

There is something 'bout the way the street looks when it's just rained. #Sherwooddriveintherain. #taylorswift

Our less actives made me this sweet hat.

She made sure to tell us that they are NOT toques. They are hats. haha What??

P-day breakfast.

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