Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Welcome to Glen Allan

Note from the Editor:  This is last week's letter. I should have posted it on August 30, but was swamped. She is sending lots of pictures these days. :-)

Hello hello!!

Well. I am sitting here writing you from Sherwood Park. It's part of the "greater Edmonton area" (which pretty much just means it gets mentioned separately when you call the weather forecast number). I'm officially cool cause I'm in Glen Allan ward. I think. haha.

I'll admit. Last week was extremely hard. I was super sad to leave Sister Burton and Lakewood. But I got to see A and C and T and all of them before I left. So that was good. Hopefully I'll be allowed to go to Lakewood for A's baptism. ALSO! I found out that the park Lakewood is having their ward picnic at, is in my ward boundaries!!!! Maybe I'll see them, hey? #fingerscrossed #lakewoodpride

Transfer meeting was cool cause ALL my companions except the first 3 were there. I didn't get a picture cause the world was freaking out. But it was sweet. haha. Love them ALL! Saddest day cause SISTER CARDONA WENT HOME!!! But not THAT sad cause guess what. She is moving back to Edmonton tomorrow. hahahaha. SWEET! So weird. Life is happening.

My new comp is Sister Jordyn Wilson. (Probably just Fb stalk her cause her profile pic is GORGEOUS). She's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing. She was comps with Sister Burton before. So now we're like a little web of being companions with each other. #MissionFamilyTree She's from Franklin, ID. Also Preston. #Hollaholla I told her I know the secretary from Napoleon Dynamite and she was like "um. that was my life." hahahahaha love her.

Glen Allan is pretty much sweet!!! We get to drive the prettiest car in the whole mission. It's WHITE!!! (that's special or something) Also. We live in the basement of a member's home. It has carpet and wifi. (Are you jealous, Sister Burton?? haha jk love you) Also the members we live with have a chihuahua. So pretty much I always think about the Kinniburghs. :) #Apolloismybestfriend #missthem #draytonvalleyismyhome

It's been great! The only down side is that there are no street numbers. They're all super random names like Glamogram and Marion and Guilford. So yeah. I'm totally lost all the time. haha. BUT. We have a GPS!!!!! #swerve

We had a ward party like my 3rd day here, so that was pretty convenient. AND our almost investigator named K came. She's from Germany and guess what?!?! A past missionary from Germany was there visiting!!! So he came over and talked to her in German. She thought that was the coolest thing ever. #tendermercies She kept telling us over and over how amazing all the people were and how she doesn't have a single friend at her church. #fellowshipisimportant #everyinvestigatorneedsamemberfriend Our ward is sooo nice.

Lately we've been trying to get involved with more service. The purpose of it is to help members meet nonmembers so they actually have referrals to give us. Also because service softens hearts and strengthens testimony. Also cause when you serve others, it heals the soul. So yeah. In the week I've been here, I've bleach cleaned 3 bath tubs. hahaha. #Serve2Swerve

We have a Fb investigator and his name is Pierre. Every time we get on Fb to teach him, I always say "oh Pierre, you shouldn't have come!" and Sister Wilson looks at me like I've lost my marbles. Maybe I have.....
But it was so cool to teach him. He LOVES Jesus Christ and his main thing is the importance of obedience. So we have been able to testify to obedience to the commandments that are taught us in the Bible, Book of Mormon and through modern revelation. It's going great!!

I finished reading the Book of Mormon this week and it was soooo crazy. When I finished reading, I knelt down to pray. And it was like the first time I ever read it! The spirit filled my heart so full it could've burst!! I know, by the power of the Holy Ghost, that the Book of Mormon is true. I love it with all my heart because it pulls me nearer to Jesus Christ than any other book. I'm so joyful that I get to share this with others!!

Love you all!
Sister Whiting

Saying good-bye to the Duponts

Also my fave people. Sister McCoy is the first person I ever met in Lakewood. And I will never forget all the influence she's had in my life...And the cute bag she gave me for my birthday. :-)

Sister Cardona...oh wait....now she's Melanie!!! Eeeewwwwwwwww.

I'm so sad. I'm leaving my other half. (She isn't as convincing as her companion. )

Haha! Sister Wilson 1.0 Love this girl!

Our mission family web. I've been with Sister Burton and Sister Wilson. Sister Wilson has been with me, Sister Burton and Sister Hatch (on the left.) Sister Hatch was trained by Sister Johnson and is not comps with Sister Burton. Family!!

Haha! Sister Wilson 2.0 love this girl!

Sister Wilson and Sister Whiting

Washed our beautiful car. Isn't it fancy??

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