Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sister Whiting's Tender Mercy Jar

I will start off my email this week by saying there is still no snow in Edmonton. It's weird. Poor Sister McSweeney wants to see real snow and it just isn't happening!! Lol As much as she thinks she wants it now, I'm soooo glad it's not super cold yet. :) #sunshineonmyshouldersmakesmehappy #vitaminD #iliveforsunshine

This week our Sister Training Leaders gave each of us a Tender Mercy Jar to keep recorded miracles in! So I thought I would just share some of mine with you. :)

1. "Referrals poppin' up like daisies!!"
This week all of a sudden, the Ward has been super sonic referral givers. We've had several members tell us that they feel like now is the time to give the names of their friends to the missionaries. :D So over the course of the week we've gotten so many referrals that it's hard to count!

2. "Buried in the water!!"
One of the above mentioned referrals we received is a lady named D who just moved into the basement suite of a member's house. This member didn't even really need to ask her to learn about the church because she pretty much said she is ready to become a Mormon. She decided what we taught is true before we could even teach anything!! So.... SHE'S ON DATE TO BE BAPTIZED AT THE END OF NOVEMBER!!!!! Sister M did a super good job extending her first baptismal commitment. #mylittlegirlisgrowingup #proudparent

3. "3 billionth time's a charm!!"
One of the primary finding tools we use is contacting former investigators. Our area book is FULL of records. So whenever we have spare time, we go through and try to contact some of them. There is one former who we've been trying to contact for a VERY long time. On Sunday, SHE LET US IN!!! She and her family were so nice! (Her daughter looks exactly like Katy Perry) They mentioned to us that they haven't been taught much but they love missionaries. They even offered to take us to Elk Island park on our p-day!!!!! :) So we will be teaching their family now.

4. "Lesson learned...."
So. This isn't really a tender mercy. It's more just hilarious. So I wrote it as a tender mercy anyways. Haha. So. Remember our investigator K from Germany? Well we decided we would take one of our recent converts to the lesson this week. She's an older lady who isn't really all there...but close. We're actually not sure most of the time. Haha. Anyways. So we did a lesson as we walked around the "lake" by K's house.
It started out ok...we started talking about church. Then this member asked K what class she's in at church (thinking she was a member). K corrected her saying she's Roman Catholic. Well. That was apparently the wrong thing to say. This member grabbed my arm and started walking fast so we were ahead of K and Sister M. She then proceeds to tell me
how much she HATES Catholic people.
:0 :0 :0 :0
Hahaha needless to say I had no idea what to do. I couldn't really get upset with her cause she's like 85 and not all there. So I started to say, "well if you don't want her to be Catholic, you could help her be a Mormon". Fortunately, after some time I was able to convince her to invite K to the primary program this weekend. But the lesson was a
gong show. So.....lesson learned. Haha

5. "Breakfast at the Butlers"
Our ward mission leader's parents are in the ward as well. And I. LOVE. THEM. He's a retired high school band director. (He's pretty much exactly like Mr. Hartman!!) And she's just perfect. I love them. They let us come to do some service at their house in the morning but when we showed up, they had prepared a big fancy breakfast for us first!!! It was so fancy. :) It was home away from home.

There's way more. But I don't have forever to email. :) I just love being a missionary. And I love Glen Allan.

Love ya,
Sister Whiting

Temple trip with the STL's

My little girl and me

My Millwoods buds. Possibly our last get together before I leave Canada...:(

At the temple with Sister M

2016 Team Canada

The "lake"

#talkingtoeveryone #outandabout

Our favorite new convert friend

Walking with new friends

Visiting Sister Meek on Sunday mornings is the highlight of my week! We live in her house.

Look!!! I know how to put air in the tires!!!

Sister M's first trip to Wendy's

I survived getting a flu shot!!!! :)

"Christmas" Skype home on Conference weekend.

So fun to see the family!! Parker would be set apart as a full-time missionary a few hours after this photo was taken.

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