Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Consistently Being True to the Gospel is Conversion

Note from the Editor: Sorry for being so slow with this one. After being under the control of the cutest, shortest dictators in Chicagoland for a month it took me almost a week to be back in my old groove at home. Enjoy!!

Well. It snowed today. So we had a funeral for the sun.


But seriously though. Vitamin D pills, or "happy pills" as we call them, will be my new best friend until I'm back in Boise. In the meantime, my snow-deprived companion is ecstatic and is more than happy to scrape the windshield for me. Lol. #loveher #nosnowinEngland #letitsnow

This week was sooo great!!! We did some great things.
1. Brother Butler and his daughter Lindsey took us on a tour of Edmonton!!! It was sooooo cute!! He gave us each a flower to feel special and binoculars so we could see everything. :) His daughter was so fun also. She took us to the top of a sky scraper so we could see the top view of downtown Edmonton. It was so great.
2. We had a "Sister Specialized Training" this week. (Aka a sister missionary conference). All the sisters in the mission were there. So of course I got pics with my surviving comps!!! It was so good to see everyone again. #fullnessofjoy #sisterinthework. I really like the conference. We learned about our specific role as women in the work. It was all warm and fuzzy and stuff. So yeah. That was good.
3. We made a goal to contact everyone on the Ward list (mostly cause I still don't know most of them but also cause we want to work win more less actives).  And as we've gone through, we've found a lot of part member families that are interested in having the missionaries over!! So we're going to start trying to teach some families!!!!! :D
4. We joined Ward choir. But there's no piano player...so I do it. Terribly. Lol. I need to practice. I think Emma should come up here and do it!!
5. Oh. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NONNY!!!!! I hope the video I sent you isn't too weird. I can't say I'm really myself that early in the morning...but ya know. Happy birthday. :)

In church on Sunday, we had a lesson about testimony vs. conversion.
This is what I loved:

Knowing the gospel is true is TESTIMONY.
Consistently being true to the gospel is CONVERSION.

Golden. Seriously. I heard that and it just hit home. We all have moments in our lives when the spirit touches our hearts and we know something is true. We gain a testimony. But we don't always act consistently upon what we learned. We  need to be CONVERTED.
Jesus Christ wants people who will follow Him. Keep his commandments. He KNOWS that it will be hard. And he knows we're not perfect. But it's possible. His grace is SUFFICIENT. He can help us to be like him!! I know of no sweeter thing in life than this.
We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us. With the help of Christ's grace let's all be CONVERTED.

Love you all!!!
Sister Whiting

The Leg. as in Legislature

The Leg from the other side

The tour. And yes, I know I'm white. Thanks.

Like a skyscraper!! That's worldly. So is this view ;)

Sun shot with Lindsey

Us and Edmonton. (don't they look like they belong on a postcard?!)

Let it Snow!!

Sister M's first donair

Sister Wilson!!!!!

Sister Holbrook!!!!!

Sister Jones!!!!!

Sister Burton!!!!!


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