Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I Don't Think We're in Canada Anymore...

Well. It technically snowed this week but then melted. Like seriously. This is not Canada. The grass is green and it's November!! Poor Sister McSweeney is missing out on her promised winter wonderland!

But despite the nice weather, we press on! ;) This week has been great. How about I tell you about it.

I had my last Zone Training Meeting this week. That was sad. They had me bear my testimony at it. But I didn't cry so that's good. They also made me play "If You Could Hie to Kolob" which was so bad it almost did make me cry...jk. But seriously. Don't make me play that. I don't have piano skills like Emma. :p

We went on exchanges with our sister training leaders this week. It was Sister M's first one!!! She was great. She came back all cute and excited about talking to people on the train. She gave away a copy of the Book of Mormon!! *wiping a tear of joy* I'm so proud of my girl.

While on exchanges, Sister Platter and I almost died. Literally. But don't worry. God saved us. Here's what happened:
We had an appointment with the D family in Clarkdale ward. They live out in the boonies. And it gets dark at like 4:30 at night. So we're driving down this tiny little range road, and in the oncoming lane, we see a big old semi coming at us. So we go on our side of the road. BUT THE SEMI DROVE ON OUR SIDE OF THE ROAD!! He literally didn't even move. We had to drive almost into the ditch to not die!!

It was scary. I was like nonchalantly driving and telling Sister Platter about all my problems until this happened and we drove the rest of the way with our hearts beating fast.
But we're ok now. We had a great lesson with the D family. We were a little more bold with them and Sister D finally opened up to us about
a lot of her concerns so that we can now combat them.

We also got to go to stake conference. :) It was really good. The Bonnie Doon stake is amazing. Seriously so focused on missionary work. They had a convert give a talk about her conversion and it was AMAZING!!!!! She is my age and joined the church almost a year ago and already has her mission call!!! Crazy!! I loved it!

Well. I got recruited to be the Ward choir pianist and I totally can't play the piano very well. So imma go practice now. :)

Love ya!!
Sister Whiting

Last ZTM

Me and the coolest Sister Hill ever!

Exchanges with Sister Platter. Only this time she's my STL :)

I'm ready!

What we look like weekly planning in the mother's lounge...

We saw otters!!


We helped out investigator sew a snow woman named Priscilla

Sister McSweeney's first poutine. I think PFK is KFC in French. (Brother Whiting looked it up. It is Poulet Frit Kentucky)

Pillaged these pix off Facebook. 

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