Saturday, November 28, 2015

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland 2.0

Hope you had a wonderful American Thanksgiving!! Thanks for your patience waiting for this blog post. She sent us lots of pictures and a couple videos. It looks like she is doing well as a "twin mom."

It finally snowed!! So it's officially Christmastime and everything is super jolly and Christmas-y here is Sherwood Park. This week was nutzo. So much happened. So here goes.

I got my additional companion this week!! Her name is Sister Kwasney!! She's from Calgary waiting for a visa to go to Pittsburgh, PA. She's pretty much the greatest if you wanted to know. She just like my first Sister Wilson companion in DV. So. Yeah. I'm happy. Training two missionaries at the same time is probably like having Irish twins.....but I don't actually know what that's like. But it's like that. Probably. :) Take that.

We got a pant load of referrals from one family this week. So naturally we contacted them all. It was pretty sweet. One was a Mennonite lady named S. She was pretty cute. The other was a super old lady named E. And of course the coworker named...I can't remember. But they were all like "oh cool. Yeah." So. #swerve

We tracted into a man named John and got to teach him. (Since there's three of us that's totally allowed! HOLLA HOLLA) But what started out as great, quickly turned into... not so great. I don't want to get into too much detail, but let's just say, his eye contact lasted long enough that even a fortune teller would get creeped out. So. "Elders! We got somebody for ya!"

We got roped into doing a little somethin' somethin' for our Relief Society activity is week. Since our investigator K came to it, we agreed. Words don't really describe. So I'll just send the video...  (We didn't get the video she mentioned, but have requested that she try again to share it next week. I will keep you posted.)

The Montreal Temple was rededicated so we got to go to that. It was so great. :) I love the temple. Also President Eyring was so cute in it. I love that guy.

Oh, speaking of General Authorities... So we were teaching a less active old lady named J this week about the prophet and apostles. 
We were like "Do you know who our prophet is today?" 
At this point we got out the conference ensign to show her "It's this guy, Thomas S. Monson."
And she was like "oh you mean Tommy?! Yeah! I call him Tommy."

Now you should also know that this whole time Sister Kwasney thought J was a nonmember. So she took her enthusiasm as a good sign and was bold and stuff and was about to invite her to be baptized when J was like "I got dunked!!" We died. 10 points to Gryffindor for boldness but....20 points to J for saying she got dunked.

Sherwood Park does this massive nativity display every year called Crèche. It's like a huge deal. And our WML's wife is in charge. So we helped her do some set up yesterday. It was so fun. I felt very Christmas-y. Meanwhile, while Sister K and I helped with that, Sister M went on splits with a member to go see a less active in the hospital. But of course it was dumping snow the whole time. So traffic was bad.

5 HOURS later, when this member brought our companion back to us, I felt very much like a parent who's child came home late from curfew. Lol.

Oh yeah and our investigator F is progressing!! She'll hopefully be on date today!!

So yeah. Now we're all trapped in our family room cause we mopped our house. So. 

Sister Whiting
Snow Party!!

We're in an ornament!! (Sister M calls it a ball-ball)
Getting our newbie

THE tripan
This member just had this elk at his house...

I found this. And ate it.

Our German investigator game me this and other sweet skirts from like 1940 Germany.

This is an old pic.Cleaning out Brother Butler's shop!!

Tripan chillin'

Playing with Christmas lights...we were a little tired....

Sister K has a polaroid camera!! Mostly I like this because it makes everyone look as white as I am.


Making bunnies out of gloves? #boredominthewinter #onlyincanada

Me and Sister K. Kinda orange, though, hey?

Playing on the frozen lake

While setting up the creche, we couldn't resist trying on different tablecloths

Creche set up party

Snow is falling all around...the view outside our window

We're sometimes crazy.

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