Tuesday, November 17, 2015

You Should Totally Be a Mormon

The doors to our Chapel
Christmas time is here!!!

Um. Guess what? This is gonna be a super long email. Like. SUPER LONG.
Guess what else?
It's my last transfer. (AAAAHHHHHH! 43 days until she comes home!!!!!!-Mom) And also. I'm getting a third companion. That's right. Yesterday during transfer calls, President Manion called and was like "I need you to train another new missionary, WHILE you ALSO keep training Sister McSweeney." So I am TRIPAN DOUBLE TRAINING!!!
When President said this, I was like:


But yeah. Now I'm excited about it. We decorated our house like Christmas today so she'll be nice and happy. :)

This week was crazy. We got to go to a wonderful Remembrance Day assembly in Sherwood Park. We, of course, liked the bagpipes the best. But at one point during the program, there was a slideshow of meaningful soldier pictures and guess what song they played in the background:

"I'm proud to be in Canada where at least I know I'm free!!"

(I'm pretty sure the original is about America, and while I'm totally cool with a Canadian version, I couldn't help but laugh during the slideshow....hope nobody interpreted that wrong...)

We helped our investigator with some service she needed this week. It involved cutting out 700 envelope covers and gluing them on...so we may or may not have felt like glue zombies after that. But it was so great because while we were gluing, she kept asking the most amazing questions about what we believe happens after we die. Then we gave her the general conference Ensign and she got so excited. A few days ago she called us to let us know she's been reading it and she LOVES it.

Yesterday we stopped by everyone and their dog. Basically no one was home. Literally. No one.

But it was still a good day cause the most hilarious things happened. (Granted, I took Sister M for her first slurpee for lunch...so it might have just been funny cause we were on sugar)

1. We went to try a less active, who as it turns out has moved. But the guy who lives there now was like majorly interested in the message of the Restoration that we shared on his doorstep. So he was like "you better come in so we can talk more about this" and we were like "oh...actually we have rules...blah blah blah" and he was like "that's good. I understand that. Come back on Wednesday afternoon" HOLLA HOLLA

2. We then tried to stop by another less active who wasn't home, but while we were walking up to her door, her neighbour like literally appeared out of nowhere next to us and was like "oh! Are you from the UK?" So Sister McSweeney was like "yeah!" And so she was like "well my name is N and my whole family is from the UK! We live over there! You should come meet them later this week!" So we're like..."ok." WHAT?! So yeah. That was a handed to us on a platter.

3. Right after N talked to us, she goes over to her house and opens the door and like 7 enormous brown dogs come sprinting out and head right for us. It was like BAAAAA. So we froze and panicked. Luckily they were friendly but it reminded me of that movie where the neighbour has all those dogs that run into the house and eat the cake or whatever. Lol. (She means the dogs that eat the turkey on "The Christmas Story.")

4. Later in the day, we had arranged to meet a member of our Ward at an investigator's house to stop by. Well. The time came, and she wasn't there. So we waited and waited. A lady approached us and hugged us and was like "ok so where does she live?" Turns out, there are two LDS families with that same last name in our contacts and we had been texting the wrong lady the whole time. So we just took this random lady from Clarkdale Ward with us to see our investigator. Haha she was so confused why we asked her to fellowship an investigator in Glen Allan.........

Despite the gong show that was yesterday, we had a really great week!! Twice in 1 week we had some cool experiences being bold.

1. With our investigator L. We stopped by again and she was, if you can imagine it, even nicer this time!! She was so nice. But while we were over, her dad called and she had it on speaker. He asked her if she had the Mormons over and she chuckled and said yes. He said to her "it wouldn't be so bad if you ended up a Mormon" and her response was "do you think so?" And we all kinda made eye contact and it was like WOAH!!!! Afterwards she was telling us how much she loves MoTab and we were like "you should be a Mormon!"

2. Our investigator K is also doing good. She let us in for a bit the other day and while we were over she asked us if we could come help her out with some organizing. (#tendermercy #mystrangeaddictions) Anyways. She said while we're doing service we can chat about stuff and she'll try to "deconvert" us. We were kinda like "haha...yeah..." So she was like "just kidding. I could never do that cause I believe in Karma." So I was like "K you would have to be a Mormon!" And she was like "yeah. Well. That wouldn't be so bad." Hehe. Oh K. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Last funny story!
We were asked very last minute to attend the Spanish Elders baptism cause they needed a pianist. So we show up about 15 minutes before it was supposed to start and the font wasn't filled!!! So for the next 15 minutes we filled buckets from the custodial closet with water from the showers and tried to get it filled. In the end, the kid getting baptized had to Matrix status to be fully submerged, but it worked out. Haha oh elders.

So yeah. Life is good. Just preparing for our third amigo. :)
I love you all!!!!!

Sister Whiting

District Meeting

Sister Hill and me at the one and only Panda

Sister McSweeney's first time to an A&W

Our Christmas house

Our Study table

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