Saturday, December 12, 2015

For Unto Us a Child Is Born

Christmas-themed dinner at a member's home

If you're wondering if I have the new Christmas video memorized already, the answer is yes. I do. It's so cute I can't even believe it! Also cause this Christmas I miss Handel's Messiah so much it's nutzo and the video is like the song. :) **Shout out to mom for sending me the Messiah music** (Thank Elder Parker Whiting. He asked me to send him a copy so I did the same for Sister Whiting.)

This week was so good!! We did infinite and beyond amounts of service again. But it was sooo fun! You know the show Extreme Hoarders? We cleaned a house like that. Only she wouldn't let us get rid of much. So it was mostly just organizing....still fun though. Seriously. I love cleaning. #imweird #swerve

K came to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She also stayed after for the break-the-fast and the first presidency Christmas devotional afterwards. It was so good. She loved it. Then!!! Sister Morrison (the mum of my first greenie), who speaks German, came and talked to K for a bit and she loved it!!! It was saweeeeeet!

Ya know how missionaries are always like "if there's ever anything we can do to help, give us a call!" And then no one ever calls? Well. A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE HAS OCCURRED!!! Someone actually called! So we got a referral. She was Menenite. Remember her? She called us and asked us to help her assemble an outdoor bench swing in her basement...without instructions. 

I have a testimony that God gives us abilities we don't actually have when we need them to help people. Straight up, we got in, we built the swing out of a bunch of random pieces of metal, and got out. #tendermercies #miracleshappen 

I had the coolest experience this week. Ya know how we go to Silver Birch (an old folks home) to help with the adult day program? Well. This week was the best week ever. Here's the story:

We showed up just as they were finishing story time. One old lady in particular is obsessed with Sister McSweeney, so she went over to sit with her. Sister Kwasney went to chill with another group of oldies. I went to the kitchen to hang out with one of the workers, H. After a bit of whateverness, H had to run out to answer a phone call. So I kept washing up till about 20 minutes later when she came back in crying. 

So naturally I went to give her a hug, which turned into like ultimate best friend deep talk of greatness. Her best friend had called to tell her that her dad just died. H's mom died about a year ago this month so that was also still fresh. So she was just overwhelmed with grieving. For the next 2 hours while my companions helped old people do chair exercises, H and I just talked and talked. She taught me and I taught her. It was such a neat experience to testify to her that she will be with her loved ones again. We talked about her family members that have died and what they taught her. We talked about how reaching out to help others heals something within us. We talked about the way God directs our path and how she landed at Silver Birch. It was so amazing. I invited her to the Stake Christmas Music thing and she said she would definitely come. Before we left, I gave her another big hug and she thanked me for being exactly what she needed. I was happy to see her happiness but I also knew it wasn't me entirely. It was perfectly timed by God that we would be there when she got that call. 

On there is another video called "Why We Need a Saviour." At the beginning it talks about a world where every heartache lasts forever, mistakes are permanent, and you can never take back bad words you've said. Mankind would just drift further and further away from happiness. Thankfully that world doesn't exist!! Unto us a child was born. 

That's what I was thinking while I talked with H. She doesn't have to be sad forever!! She will be with her loved ones again. She will be made whole. She can REJOICE GREATLY.

That is why unto us a Saviour was born.

And boy am I grateful for that.

I love you all! Merry Christmas!!
Sister Whiting

K wouldn't let me go on a walk with her without a coat, so this is what she made me wear...
Not bad, hey?

Visiting J!!! Our Favorite Dutch lady!!

Time for hot chocolate

Our ward mission leader's wife gave us advent calendars to count down to New Year's...
 (When Sister Whiting comes home!!!!!!!!!!)

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