Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I'd Like To Publicly Thank Celine Dion for Her Version of O Holy Night

If you're wondering if missionaries get prank referrals, the answer is definitely YES. It's too bad you guys don't listen to Canadian radio cause I was definitely on it the other day. Why? Because some punks decided to go on Mormon.org and send a fake referral to us. So we ended up calling Fresh Radio and I answered a question on the air of what I think about furry toilet lid covers. I said tacky, in case you wanted to know.

This week was so fun, and painfully fast. But I've loved every minute of it. In preparation for Christmas, God has been sending us so many MIRACLES!!

Miracle #1
We've gone carolling like infinite times already. The first time was with the young women in our Ward. That was sooooo fun. It was at this old folks home and after we finished singing, this random super old lady just walks up to me and starts telling me about her family in Idaho!! So I was like "I'm from Idaho!!" And she just kinda looked at me and was like "that's nice." Then she gave me a hug and left.......I hope it will be easier for me to talk to young people cause I think there's little to no hope for my non-missionary social skills.....But anyways. The reason carolling was a miracle was because of how powerful the spirit of the Lord was with us as we sang about Christ's birth.

Miracle #2
We had our Christmas program at church and guess who came?!!? L!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were there practicing with the choir and all of a sudden we see L walk in with J. Crazy, hey? Oh yeah and we found out that K and L are friends. So like all our investigators could sit together at church if they ever came on the same Sundays. Sherwood Park is such a small place. It was fun to see her there. And our program was a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. All our insane songs came together and sounded so good. I only messed up a tiny bit on the piano. ;)  

(note from the editor - I got this sweet email about last week's Christmas program:

Sister Whiting,

Just a quick note to thank you for sharing your daughter with us. Sister Whiting is a wonderful addition to our ward, who has grown so much on her mission. She and her companions were part of the choir in a special Christmas program in yesterday's Sacrament meeting. She accompanied the choir and did such a great job - you would be very proud of Sister Whiting. May the Lord bless you and your family for your continued support of the missionary effort. Best Wishes for the New Year!

We are, of course, very proud of her music and her missionary service.)
Miracle #3
The other night we were driving down the road, listening to Celine Dion's version of O Holy Night. (And by "the other night" I mean every night cause that song is a Christmas miracle.)

Miracle #4
One day while also experiencing miracle #3, I turned to look at some Christmas lights, when all of a sudden, BAM!!!!! We saw HUGE northern lights in the sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So of course I safely slammed on my brakes and we got out of the car to watch them. (Don't worry we still had like 15 minutes till curfew) We tried to take pictures and videos for you but you can't really tell....They were sooo bright and colourful!! I felt like I was in Brother Bear!!! :D

Miracle #5
This one also has to do with Carolling. We were supposed to have coordination with our WML on Sunday night, but before we went he told us "we can't coordinate but come anyways". So we did and his family and like 6 other families from the Ward were all ready to go carolling. Like we're talking 30+ people on a doorstep to sing. It was soooooooooooooo fun. I pretty much died it was so fun. Afterwards, the Bishop's wife invited us to spend our p-day making gingerbread houses at their house. So that's what we'll be doing later. #fulnessofjoy #theperfectChristmas

Miracle #6
I think I'm good at wrapping presents now.
(That's code for: we wrapped our investigator's presents for like 3 hours...)
I love Christmas.

Well........that's about it from me......I'll try to do a bunch of super great stuff this week so my last email is good. In the meantime, I haven't listened to Celine Dion yet today. Sooooooooooooooo

Peace out.
(Literally cause it's Christmas week)
Sister Whiting

Helped out the old folks home Christmas party. Turns out Santa and Mrs. Claus are already members of our church. :D
Last visit with our favourite humans ever. #Bostonpizza #findthegiantnutcracker

#socold #frozeneyelashes #nomakeupmonday

Walking on the frozen lake with K

K was like, "Sister Whitening!! Let's run!" So we did. Me and a 78-year-old lady running on a frozen lake.

#instagramworthy #frozensisters


My absolute favourite. This is the lady I told you about a few weeks back who's friend died and I talked to her about it. Isn't she adorable?!

Our volunteer friends

 I learned how to make a toque ornament out of yarn and toilet paper rolls.

Visiting J

Our service on Thursdays :-) Love these peeps

Carolling with Ben, our WML's son. He's obviously our favourite 7-year-old
Piggy back?! Yes, please!

It isn't the best video, but she tried to share her sighting of the Northern lights with us.

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