Friday, December 4, 2015

Mr. Tissue, You're My Only Friend

You know that episode of Captain Literally when the guy says "I literally feel like a flaming porcupine is being shoved up my nose" and then it comes true? I literally feel like that. Wanna know why I'm so sick right now?

Cause this week was CRAY CRAY!! Here's what happened:

1. Our super famous Crèche exhibit was this week. We spent hours and hours setting up and then hours and hours taking it down. Plus all the hours in between when people were looking at it. Sheesh. Here are my highlights from Crèche.
-K came to help set up for quite a few hours and for some reason thought it was an honour...ever since then, she's been a lot more willing to progress. She's even going to join our Ward choir!!!
-We set up a missionary table with different languages of the Book of Mormon and after the whole thing quite a few were gone. ;)
-A member put Bath and Body Works soap in the church washrooms. :) #myideaofgenius This same member brought a sentsy plugin so our church smelled soooooooo good!!
-It was gorgeous and the spirit was so strong. There were about 800 nativities and 1500 people (that were mostly nonmembers) to see them. Several different choirs performed, filling the church with such powerful testimonies of our Savior. It was amazing. The spirit of Christmas truly is the spirit of Christ!!
-Brother Keyes from Lakewood showed up!!!! It was seriously so fun!!! I was so happy to see part of my Millwoods family there. #fullnessofjoy
-Everyone who helped was sick and so I got it. Oh wait....were we talking about the good parts?.........#timefornastymedicine #tissuesaremyonlyfriends #tistheseason

2. We went on a gazillion splits with members this week. Sister McSweeney is rocking the missionary world right now. She almost got out investigator F on date for baptism and she's helping a PM family in the ward sooo much!! They love her. Sister Kwasney is just plain awesome. Seriously I love her so much. #inspiredquestions #queenofboldness I'll miss her when she goes off to Pittsburgh. I'm seriously so proud of my two little greenies. They're teaching me so much.

3. Our Bishop and his counsellor got together and had us over for American Thanksgiving dinner complete with turkey, stuffing, pink fluff, sweet potatoes and more. It was sooooooo nice. I didn't realize how much I missed our family traditions until they started doing some of the same ones we do and I felt so much at home. It was a tender mercy to get to be around familiar traditions but mostly I just loved being with my Canadian family for a night of fun. I will miss these people so much. :/

4. I got recruited to be the pianist for our ward choir. And of course we're doing like hardcore Mack Wilberg, key changes galore, crazy part songs. So.....pray for me lol.

5. We started volunteering at the food bank and it's so great. Lots of germs and snot. But it's worth it cause after our shift, they give us free Cob's bread!!!!!!!!!!! So it's fine. Also everyone there is super nice and let's us talk about church stuff.

6. Sister K and I took a member named J to a lesson with our investigator L. Just so you know, J is a little off her rocker, so we were a little nervous, but we felt like we should take her anyways. During the lesson (which was the plan of salvation) J interrupted us and was like
"Wanna know what I think? None of the other churches make sense except the Mormons cause the Mormons do everything like how Jesus would do it. And I think that's pretty great. So you should pay attention."
BAM.  Nicely done J. Bold testimony. We were all like :O for a while. But then it ended up being really good. L came to crèche and is now much more open. So we're so proud of J for helping us out.

So that's my week. Just gotta go sleep off my cold now. :)

Love you!!
Sister Whiting

Making cookies to give investigators
Our missionary display tables designed by Sister K and me.

This was taken before we put up all the copies

Getting ready for Creche

Found these signs during Creche

Happy Christmas!!

All the sisters in the mission as of a month ago.
Broadmoor Lake
Playing games with the Bishop's family for Family Home Evening

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