Tuesday, December 22, 2015

These Boots Are NO Longer Made for Walking

(This post is from her December 15th letter.)

Remember how I had like the greatest and most stylish boots of all time before my mission? Well. This weekend, just 2 weeks before making it my whole mission with these boots. 
They broke.
It's really sad.

I'm over it. K, so this week was super great. Lots happened!!!
On Thursday Sister Kwasney and I went to the follow up trainer meeting to talk about how her first few weeks have gone. While we did that, Sister M went to work in GA with another sister. It was fun to see Sister M take over the area and serve people while Sister K and I watched comp unity videos and role played...........

We went on exchanges with our STLs over the weekend. It was sooo fun. I went to the Strathcona Married Student Ward with Sister Platter. :) We did a booth on Whyte Ave (which is kinda a sketchy place) and talked to some people. At this point my shoes were broken though...so it was mostly just fun cause it was a gong show. I super majorly love Sister Platter cause she helps me with my freak out-ness. Love ya sista!!

Speaking of freak out-ness. I'm a freak out. Cause I'm gonna be home. In like. Not enough time. So......I'm doing My Plan still. It's good except this week I had to set dating and marriage goals...like um what is that?! Idk. But whatevs. Some sister at Christmas conference were like "Set a goal to brush your hair twice a week minimum. That should guarantee a date."

I prefer missionary work.

Speaking of Christmas conference!!! We had it yesterday. It was amazing. And also your letters made me big time cry. And so. It is great. Seriously. I love you guys so much. My two new comps each got like INFINITE Christmas packages and they were about to feel bad for me for not getting any. But I was like "if I got any we wouldn't be able to carry all yours to the car." #swerve

Our investigator L came to our stake choir performance in which I played the most ridiculous song on the piano. (It's actually gorgeous but unrealistically difficult for a missionary who gets little to no practice time). The coolest part was that it actually sounded good!!! God FOR SURE was helping me on the piano and Angels were singing with our choir. The spirit was so strong and L definitely felt it. I love the spirit of Christmas music.

We also had our Ward Christmas party which was Polar Express theme. Our investigator S and her kids came to that. It was AWESOME. The youth in the Ward totally friendshipped them and made them feel at home. It was so fun. :) Since it was a pj party, we made pj skirts!!

Let's see. What else. Um......I got to see Sister Burton and Elder Mitchell and Elder Bennion and Sister Moser and all sorts of missionaries that have changed my life at Christmas conference. Honestly that, and the chance to be with the people here in GA are the BEST Christmas gifts ever. I couldn't have been happier to see them.

I love my mission and I love this gospel.
Christmas is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Us with our WML's kids. After church they asked us if we could take a selfie!!!! :)

Christmas conference with my Millwoods BFF's
Me with Carrie from DV

Follow up Trainer meeting!!

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