Monday, September 29, 2014

Greenfield 2 would like to welcome.....

This week I got a new companion!!!!!! 

She's amazing.

Her name is Sister Parker. She's like a combination of Emma, Brittany, Kenzie and cousin Anna. So pretty much I love her a ton already. :) She's super stylish. She has a wonderful testimony. She's great at serving and thinking of others. She has a FABULOUS voice. It kinda sounds like a combo of the singer in the cranberries and Cher Lloyd. :) So it's quite lovely. She sings to me a lot.

So yeah. Love her.

The only sad thing is this is her last transfer. So I only get her for 5 more weeks. :/ Sad day right?

Oh well. We're already bffs. So it works.

Just a quick random note: THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE!!!!! I got my skirts and hand warmers!! :) I love love love love them! It makes me so so so happy. I know they're not new skirts. But as a sister mish, anytime I get a new option in my closet, it's like Christmas!! :) So I felt all trendy and cool this last week wearing my navy skirt. :) THANKS MUM! YOU'RE THE BEST!

There is something about waking up at 6:30 every morning and trying to exercise in your apartment for the first 30 minutes of your day that just isn't great. HOWEVER. Sister P and I got the Jillian Michaels "shred" video. It's so great. :) We're gonna get SHREDDED!!!!!! :) haha. oh man. Sometimes it's pathetic trying to do Jillian push-ups. But in the end, I know I'm being an obedient missionary! :) So it's worth it.


In her workout video, she says a lot of things that TOTALLY apply to missionary work. She says:

"Work with a purpose is PASSION.

Work without a purpose is PUNISHMENT."

Her push-ups start as "girl" push-ups where we are just on or knees. But halfway through them she gets all up close to the screen and she says

"I know it looks hard. I know it's scary. You might not be able to do them at first, but I just want you to try a few on your feet! You'll never know if you can do them until you try. And you will never get better if you don't push yourself."

WE LOVE THAT!!! Sometimes it's scary to share the gospel. Sometimes we don't know how people will react to the message. We might be ok, but we will never get better at sharing the gospel UNTIL WE JUST TRY IT! You don't need to be a super hero, full of super strength and ultimate bravery. You just need 10 SECOND OF INSANE COURAGE. Then the rest will happen as it happens! :) #LoveYouJillian #ExerciseBodyAndSoul

As for Greenfield.

Let's just say Greenfield and I are in a "rough patch" right now.

Pretty much it was a really challenging week. We had a REALLY hard time finding people to teach. So we actually didn't get any lessons taught this week. And none of the bazillion women we invited were able to come to the women's conference on Saturday. Or church.


It was a great week.

I saw miracles. As I always do. Because the Lord is POURING blessings down on us like heavy rain. It just seems that this week I used an umbrella a little more than I should have. #WomensConferenceReference

So here are the miracles I did see:

Women's Conference was INCREDIBLE! I can't even say anything about it cause it was so great. Words cannot describe how perfect it was for me.

It was also perfect because the speakers seemed to address every problem that our investigators and recent converts have been having. I'm really hoping that they all watched at home so they could hear from the leaders of the church what they need.

On Sunday, J came up and was so excited to talk to me about it! She had watched at home and had recognized the answers to her concerns in the talks!!!!! It made me sooooo happy!!!!! It also helped that the meeting started off with "I Love to see the Temple" in Korean. (J is from Korea).

D tried to drop us. That was pretty upsetting.

But then we got her back!!!! :) Oh yeah! Pretty much we made chocolate covered cinnamon buns and delivered them to her with a note. She was so surprised that we were legitimately sad about it. So she invited us back tonight. I'm praying sooooo hard for it to go well. :)

I also finished reading the Book of Mormon and have started again.

I seriously cannot even describe how much I love the Book of Mormon. I seriously feel like my heart could explode with love for the Book of Mormon. I have tried each day to truly have a spiritual experience as I read it, and I can hardly keep from marking EVERY VERSE! It's amazing. If you haven't read it. Read it. Seriously! Soooooo good!


I just love you people. And I love these people. And I love the gospel. And sharing it. And all of this. It's just so great.


But great. :) For reals.

Have a stellar week!

Love ya!

Sister Sarah Whiting
Last day with Sister Johnson

Love these Sisters!!!

Our zone before transfers
My new companion - Sister Parker!

All bundled up with Sister Parker

Collecting for the food bank with these cute girls

Desperate times call for desperate measures #NotProudOfThisMoment

NBD - just making chocolate covered cinnamon buns

You know we work hard when we can't stay awake to write in our journals.

Monday, September 22, 2014

The End of Training Has Come!!!

I didn't think I'd ever write this. But. I'm no longer a greenie.


I finished 12 weeks. I'm done with training. I have an extra hour every day to proselyte now! yaayyy!

And you probably all know what that means...

I'M GETTING A NEW COMPANION THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Studies this morning were pretty much useless. Transfer calls come from 8-10. And Sister J and I got our call at 9:55. So we pretty much were dying the whole time.

Sister J is being transferred to Ellerslie to be with Sister B. And I'm staying here and getting a new companion. But I'm not going to tell you who yet cause I'm not even meeting her until Wednesday. So there. You have to come back next week to find out. :) But I'm really excited! She's super cool! I'm gonna love her!
It's going to be her last transfer so we'll only be together 6 weeks and I'll get a new companion next transfer. It's weird that Sister J and I are both killing missionaries hey? We're going to see each other at 2 transfer meetings in a row!!! Hooray!

      [Mom: What in the world is a killing missionary?...Sarah: When a missionary goes home right after being your companion. So mission life is comparable to real life. I was "born" 2 transfers ago. Sister J is my mom. Then you have a life. Then when you go home you "die". So, since my new companion will go home after this transfer, I will be "killing" her. :) haha. It's just a thing here... Mom: Thanks for clearing that up!]


So this week we had mission tour.

It was so crazy. I can't even write stuff that happened. Cause it was like 9 hours of training and learning and spiritual stuff. It was so. much. greatness. We talked a lot about everything. Seriously. I'm trying to tell you the theme or whatnot. But there wasn't one. It was just a lot of training.

We got there and one of the assistants runs up to me and asks me to play the piano for the meeting. haha. "Oh, Canada" is a lot harder to play than I thought. But I pulled it off. Luckily for me, I was playing with a chapel full of enthusiastic missionaries singing. So you couldn't really hear all my mistakes.

Long story short, it was really spiritual and we all learned a lot.

My favorite part was when a Sister was called on to come speak about diligence. She had us read from John 13 where the Savior tells of Peter denying Him 3 times. We often read this story and think "how could he possibly have sinned so badly after all he saw"?

But when we think about our lives, are there ever times when we are too afraid to admit what we believe? We have worked hard to gain personal testimonies. We have such spiritual experiences. But when we are faced with mockery, opposition, anger, or fear, do we stand up for our Savior, or do we deny Him? When we think about Peter's choices from this perspective, we realize how easy it is in this world to let fear overcome us, leading us to deny Christ. We are all at risk of what Peter gave into.

That is why we must be diligent in obeying the commandment that the Lord has given us to stand in holy places and be not moved. We are all commanded to preach the gospel to the world, that all men might be saved! Even when we risk being made fun of or yelled at or rejected. We need to be diligent in gaining faith and courage!!!!!

It was really wonderful.

After mission tour we got stuck in traffic for like an hour. :) That was awkwardly exciting. You don't think missionaries get stuck in traffic, hey? But they totally do!

So the week went on.

I got a cold. It's getting pretty bad. So now I don't shake peoples' hands. I just wave and say hi. I guess it's better that way...

We found a lady in the ward next to us who speaks Croatian!!! So she came with us to the lesson at D's house. It was soooo wonderful!!!!! They read the Book of Mormon in Croatian and we talked to her about it. We finally figured out what's going on. So now we can help her!


Oh man! Nothing makes me happier than when we don't have to drop an investigator because they finally start to get it!

I'm so happy. I love miracles!

Then on Sunday, we were supposed to meet a potential. But she wasn't home. :(


Our recent convert J made us some more Korean food. So we didn't have to have pb&j for supper. :) That was exciting.

And also I made scones again but instead of using milk, I used mango juice. Mostly cause we didn't have milk. And it actually tasted really good. I don't wanna brag or nothin' but I make a pretty darn good scone. :)

The best part of my week was last night.

For the end of 12 weeks, we got to watch the 3 full episodes of the District 2. While we were watching, I just felt the spirit so strongly! It got me SUPER PUMPED! I just wanted to run down the street and talk to EVERYONE and find and teach and baptize!!!!

But that's not what I did. Cause it was late and no one was on the street. So we just casually walked to our appointment at Super S's house.

She is the best lady. Seriously. I love her so much. She invited us in. Her neighbor is a member so she came too. She has read a lot of the Book of Mormon since our last visit so we answered her questions. Then we taught her more. It was sooo wonderful! The spirit was so strong. She pretty much has so many questions that that's how we teach. We do like a big Q&A. But they were all relevant to lesson 1 this time so it worked. I love when people have questions. We were able to help her. Mostly though, she helped me. I felt so much love for her. I felt so much excitement for her. I grew in my own testimony. :)

It was so wonderful. :)

Now. As for this week. It's gonna be crazy. So crazy. I'll get my new companion on Wednesday. And Sister J will leave. It's gonna be sad. But it's also going to be great. I love it. I'm excited.

Also good news. Sister Holbrook and Sister Warr are staying so I don't have to say goodbye to them yet!!! #whew

So. Um. Yeah.

That's pretty much it. Just lovin' mission life. As always. :)

I love you all! Have a miraculous week!

Sister Sarah Whiting

Bonfire service project! 

Elders trying to start a fire the old fashioned way
Bonfire group

Starburst S'mores

 Campfire - hee hee

Ward picnic - Sister J painted the Plan of Happiness on my arm

SS is living with members. She painted Chinese on my other arm

See how pretty our walk is!

Sister J with member friends

More weird flavored chips

We like to call these wonderful people our ward parents. Love them!

Ward Correlation

Sister J drew this picture of me in my journal

She also drew this one for me. hahaha

Transfer #3! Cover decoration inspired by the amazing Emma

Monday, September 15, 2014

I don't even know where to start!!

I guess I might as well just jump into the week, hey? Here goes nothin!

I read a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants. Section 60. Verses 2-3. Read it. Try not to cry. And then go and do. Seriously.

So then Sister J and I spent like all week tracting.

Sometimes as a missionary, everyone kind of disappears or something. We don't really know. But anyways. We filled the week finding. And that was fun.

Confession session:

I love tracting.

Missionaries are pretty much constantly complaining about tracting. But I like it. I think it's fun.

Granted. Having member referrals and teaching appointments is MORE fun. And more effective.

But I like tracting. :)

So we did that a lot this week. Sister J and I go sing tracting where we knock on doors and then sing a primary song or a hymn to the person who answers. Not only is it more fun. It always invites the spirit. I love music. :) Although. The past few days have been really cold. So Sister J and I would debate if we should sing "The Wintry Day, Descending to its Close". It's technically a hymn...even though it's kinda depressing and makes me think of Bro. Gwilliam every time. Needless to say, we always chose against it. "I Am a Child of God" sends a simpler and more pleasant message.

One day, we were tracting. It was super dark. (it gets really dark at like 8 now) And it was almost time to go home. But not quite time. So we decided to try one more house.

So we knocked and a lady opened the door and we asked if we could sing her a song. So she said yes. And we sang "I Am a Child of God". And then

We got bashed.
I had my first big bash session.
It was crazy.

There's a lot more I would like to say on the matter.

But I will not.

I will just say this:

God really IS our LOVING Heavenly Father. We are ALL His children. And agency is a wonderful blessing that He has given us to learn and experience for ourselves how to become like Him. Sometimes people will use their agency poorly. But they are still His children and He still loves them. So should we. I can honestly say at the end of the night, I felt love for this lady who doesn't understand that she is a daughter of God. I hope someday she can learn that for herself.

Sister J bore a really powerful testimony to her and then again later to me about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It was pretty much the most powerful testimony I've ever heard her share. It was a hard way to end the night. But an amazing way to end the night. There was bad and amazing.

Plus now I've gotten my first one out of the way so I can be better prepared for whenever the next one happens. :) right?

Anyways. Now let's get to the good stuff.

I GOT 2 PACKAGES! :D THANKS MOM AND DAD! YOU'RE THE BESTEST PARENTS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! Those hot chocolate packets came at the perfect time! Sister J and I needed somethin yummy in our tummies. Plus it made Sister J ecstatically happy to see all that Japanese stuff. We shared the Japanese candy. :) And I wore that Japanese shirt to do service and everyone was like "awe. Did your parents send you that for comp-unity?" And Sister J and I just laughed. hahaha. silly people. We already have comp-unity. ;) That's all we said. I promise.

And we had interviews with President and Sister Manion on Friday!!! They're just the best. Seriously. I love them. They make me laugh. Also. Dad. Sister J thinks you look like President. :) haha. In some pictures you do. In some you don't. But yeah. You know what that means? YOU LOOK LIKE A MISSION PRESIDENT! Get ready!

Random note: Albertans don't say "eh" they say "hey". Just thought you should know.

Also Sister J and I got 2 new investigators who are AAMMAAZZIINNGG!!!!!!!

They are Super S and K!!!!!!! K is from Jamaica. She's so wonderful. And she has already committed to read the Book of Mormon!!!

Super S is sooo sweet! We showed up at her house right as she was going to walk her dog Jasper. So she was like "why don't you come on a walk with us!' so we walked her dog with her! It was so fun. He's adorable.

Then we went to her house and taught her all about the Book of Mormon and she told us she would write down questions as she reads so that when we visit her again this week she can ask us. :) I'm so excited. She's such a wonderful lady.

I just love both of them. I see so much potential in Greenfield. It was just a wonderful way to end the week. :)

Another random note: I've started saying "hey" a lot after all my sentences. like. I have to think about it and try to NOT say it so much. These Canadians are good at tricking people into being like them. :D haha

I love being a missionary. I know I say that a lot. But I seriously can't say it enough! I can't even tell you how much I LOVE being a missionary! It's so amazing to talk to people and help people and teach people and make friends and serve and work hard and just everything. It's wonderful. I even love waking up at 6:30 every day......wait...yeah. ok. I love that too. :) haha.

I hope you all have a wonderful week full of missionary experiences that you can share with me.


-Sister Whiting
Sister J's art for Elder H's mission journal
Bundled Up

Cheesecake-Toffee-Caramel Apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!

NBD. Just chillin. Eating some ketchup chips. #yumm #sillyCanadians

I now have a testimony of knit socks! Sooooooooooo soft and warm!!!!!!!!!!!!

My wonderful District

Sister H modelling our object lesson for me.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Snowflakes falling all around, on the housetops, on the ground!


I feel like I should go around and sing Christmas carols to everyone. It's seriously like White Christmas out here. :) Good thing I'm getting winter boots today!

So this week has been such a MIRACULOUS WEEK. Ready to here it all?!?!

IT'S GOSPEL TIME! Come on grab your friends! We'll go to very holy lands. With Sister Johnson and Sister Whiting, the fun will never end. It's Gospel Time!
#AdventureTimeForever #InspiredByParkersArt #ThanksBro #NewThemeSong

Miracle #1:

This week we went on Exchanges!! Hooray! This time, it was my turn to take over the area and Sister Johnson got to leave and go with Sister Nichols to River Valley. So Sister Edens and I stayed here. For some reason, I was SUPER nervous about it. I haven't had to be in charge of the area before. And we didn't have a ton of set appointments so I was nervous about finding good finding activities. IDK. I was just nervous. Sister J did a great job calming me down though and she bore her testimony to me about how exchanges are always full of miracles.

So then. Miracles happened.

Sister Edens and I saw MIRACLES.

A lot.

Here's what happened.

We got everything all settled in and then we decided to go try some potentials. We talked to like a million people on the street and only some of them were awkward! :)

Then we knocked on the door right next to our investigator D's house. It was a lady named M. She's sooooooooooooooo funny. I think we were laughing out loud for like 10 solid minutes.

But besides the fact that she was hilarious, she was also interested in the gospel!!! YAY! She asked us if we were the ones with the Book of Mormon. :) We were like "yeah! want one?" And she was like "Actually yes! I was just going to ask how I could get one!" So pretty much we answered some of her questions and then we told her about how we teach people about the things in the Book of Mormon and she asked us to come again! :) I'm so excited. I love happy, open people! IT WAS A MIRACLE!

Then we went to a lady's house named S.

I just realized there's a lot of people named S.

I will call her Super S. :)

Anyways. We've met her before. She was at a member's house when we had supper with them. But the whole time we thought she was a member. So we taught a missionary work lesson and everything. She just is so spiritual that we thought she was already a member. But then we found out she's not. So on exchanges we visited her again.

She is so amazing! She invited us in and we taught her about the Plan of Salvation and we were able to answer a bunch of questions. It was a really spiritual lesson. She was amazing! At the end, she was like "I would love to say a prayer. Can we?" hahahaa. Oh Super S. YES!!!!!!!

It was marvelous. She invited us back for like a supper/spiritual conversation evening. haha. It's gonna be great. It was a MIRACLE!!

Then Sister Edens taught me how to make scones. :) Not like the fat fried ones you make mom. And not the thick biscuit-y ones from England. The flat skinny pancake ones that you put nutella on. :) So now I can make scones. :)

That was a MIRACLE! hahaha.

Then we had AN ACTUAL MEMBER PRESENT LESSON!!! It's really hard for us to get member present lessons because none of our investigators have a regular schedule. We usually don't know when we're going to meet with them until like 15 minutes before. But Sister J and I made a goal to call members and ask them to come NO MATTER WHAT! So we did and we had a member present lesson!!!!! It was actually 2 members present!

We brought A and A to our lesson with F.

Remember F? From Sudan? Well A and A are also from Sudan so they came with us to the lesson. It was sooooo fun! They're hilarious. They taught me a bunch of Arabic. And they fed us a bunch of Sudanese food. Like pineapple upside down cake. Did you know that's from South Sudan?

Anyways. It wasn't really a lesson cause they were talking in Arabic the whole time. But they invited her to church and offered to help her read the Book of Mormon. So it's going to progress.

Also on the walk home, A and A asked me if they could come to my wedding. :) haha. I was like "I'm not getting married for a while!" and they just laughed at me. I think maybe they don't know that missionaries can't get married until after their missions...But anyways. We made a deal. I'm going to invite them to my wedding and then they're going to bring a bunch of delicious Sudanese treats. And they said they're make me a fancy handmade bedsheet. I guess that's a traditional wedding gift? But it'll take a while so they're starting those.....hahaha oh A and A. I love you both. :) So much.

It was a funny miracle kinda...:)

Anyways. I love miracles!

President Manion just cracked down on a bunch of mission rules. Including some new ones. So for District Council this week, the Zone Leaders came in and we had a pretty extensive talking to. But then. When they left. Our District Leader was like "let's have a testimony meeting". So we did and the spirit INSTANTLY flooded the room. It was a really amazing experience. I gained a really strong testimony of obedience this week. I really love the rules. Honestly. I just love them. I love that we have this opportunity to obey all the rules and show our trust in God more than our own knowledge.

This week I decided to really consecrate myself to the work. So I had to set some pretty hardcore goals which include but are not limited to:

1. No more singing worldly music. :( I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.

2. No more using slang or worldly language, as outlined by President Manion. (no saying "guys", "awesome", etc.)

3. No seconds...

So that was wonderful! It's going to help. I know it!!!

Then we had a lesson with our recent convert J. She is so sweet. But she was struggling with her testimony of some parts of the Plan of Salvation.
The next day was fast Sunday. And everyone that bore their testimonies in sacrament meeting, bore it on those parts of the Plan of Salvation that she struggles with. It a bunch of people following the promptings of the spirit. MAJOR. I'm excited to talk to J more and ask her what she thought.

Plus this week we actually got referrals!!!!!


Seriously. My heart is so full. I want to be a missionary for forever. This is so amazing. I love the people here. I love the gospel. I know it's true! I love teaching and serving and helping. I love it all. :) I love obedience. I love the temple. I love the Book of Mormon. I love all of you.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Have a Merry Christmas! oh. I mean. Have a happy week!

Peace and Blessings!
Sister Whiting
Sister J and Sister N

Sister E and Me


Waiting for Ward Correlation

Winter weather is starting! (By email time this rain had turned to "Blizzard")

Super Great Rainbow
** Note from Mom: Next time I make scones I am going to feel so guilty about the fat, but they are going to be delicious anyway! I have to wait a while to try her kind.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

JASPER! and other adventures of Greenfield

**Note from Mom** It turns out they celebrate Labor Day in Canada, as well, so we didn't hear from Sister Whiting until today. She will tell you about the adventure she got to have thanks to some great members in their area. Get ready for a lot of pictures this time.

So. It's getting cold here. It's getting cold FAST. It feels like Canada now. #SweaterWeather

Just some random fun stuff that happened this week:

We got a new lamp from a member. It's very nice to have light in our apartment.
We also got a media referral!!!!!! #Holla
That was fun. Except she wasn't interested. So we tried her neighbors. They weren't either. But they were super nice!!! :) #WorthIt
Haha. yeah. It was pretty much just exciting cause we don't get a lot of media referrals.

Sister J and I have been focusing a lot more on finding. It's that thing missionaries do that we have to work really hard to enjoy. Pretty much it involves tracting, street contacting, tracting, train contacting, tracting, etc. It's fun......haha. Yeah. It really is. Well. ok. It wasn't. But now it is cause it means we're fulfilling our purpose and THAT'S fun. :) So I like it.

That's the thing about missionary work. It's not about me. It's about the children of God and their testimonies. So I gotta do what I gotta do. :) And love it. :)

We're having a mission tour soon. It's like a big mass zone conference with tons of zones and a member of the seventy comes to talk to us and inspire us for like 8 hours. :) I'm super excited!!!

Anyways. We had to take this survey thing to prepare for it. And we have to prepare little presentations......It's gonna be pretty sweet.

For District Council this week, our ZL made us homemade pizza!! :) yummmmm! It was delicious! We also played this game called zoo barn. It's so embarrassing and fun and weird. Missionaries can be pretty weird. hahaha. It was great. I like my zone.

Our ward is getting SUPER active in missionary work which is GREAT! Our new ward mission leader Bro. G is AMAZING. We had ward correlation at his house with another ward missionary and I think we're going to see a lot of progress in the coming weeks.

Sister J celebrated her 1 year mark so we bought ourselves a donair pizza and some soda!!! It was weird having soda. But yeah. It was delicious. We need donair in the states. Except that I would eat it all the time. And I'm not really sure what it is...hahaha. It's so good.

We met with our investigator J and passed him over to the Elders. I really want him to come to the baptism this weekend so he'll see it's not scary. He knows he needs to be baptized. He just needs to understand NOW IS THE TIME. Maybe I should sing him that youth song we wrote, eh? He'd understand. :) #EmailInspiration

We also asked D to get baptized. It's gonna happen eventually. But I think she still needs some help understanding the spirit. She straight up told us she has a testimony of everything. She just needs help taking that to the next step. I'm grateful for her faith. I always gain a stronger testimony when we visit her. She LOVES the Book of Mormon! I need to study it more like she studies it! :)

Now. For the big news.

SISTER J AND I WENT TO JASPER!!!!! THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE ON EARTH!!!!! (except for the temple of course)

President and Sister Hudson took us. :) They're pretty much the most amazing people in the whole world. I just looooovvvve them.

So here's how it went:
We left at 5:30am.
We drove for a long time.
We hiked for not enough time.
We drove for a long time.
We got back at supper time.
Sister J and I basically almost died from exhaustion and happiness. :)

I took a million pics of the scenery. But they don't even do justice to how amazingly beautiful the whole place is. It's UNBELIEVABLE. Everyone in the world should be required to see Jasper. It's to great It's totally perfection in nature. If you don't know if there is a God, GO TO JASPER. That right there is PROOF!

It's amazing. I can't say it enough. I had sooo much fun. And I felt super legit cause I was wearing a hiking backpack and eating trail mix and everything. :) It was so great.

This week was great.

Now I gotta go do exchanges!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!! I'm so nervous! I'm taking over the area!!!!!

I love you all! Have a missionary work filled week!

Sister Whiting

Celebrating a milestone with Donair Pizza

Drawing of Sister Whiting by her companion

Labor day breakfast at Tim Hortons - Delicious!

Sister H and me. Love this lady!!!

Excited to backpack in Jasper

Ready to Hike

Beginning of Jasper

Beautiful Jasper Hike

Cute Sister J and ENORMOUS mountains

Do Not Feed the Animals

Huge Glacier

More Jasper beauty

I totally stood on this sketchy bridge for several minutes. Aren't you proud of me?!

Jasper is gorgeous

Magical scenery in the background - NBD

Some more Jasper beauty

Sister J and the Hudsons

Love this scenery!

We saw elk. No Moose. Sorry Dad

Mission poem