Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Merry Christmas, Bedford Falls!!!

Just kidding. I'm not in Bedford Falls. But it kinda feels like it...also It's a Wonderful Life should be mission approved, I think...

So anyways. How was everyone's Christmas?? Mine was interesting. :) haha.

So pretty much we got to spend Christmas Eve with the branch president's son and his wife. They're so cute. And they made us a TON of super fancy Italian food. :)

After supper we pretty much just had to go home. No one wants missionaries to knock on their door at 7pm Christmas eve....So we made a bunch of cookies. :)

Christmas morning, we went to have breakfast with some members and they were super sweet. They gave us some cute Canada mugs and chocolate and these super interesting stuffies....(that's Canada's version of a stuffed animal)

Then we had a lunch appointment with some other members. They gave us the gift of chocolate as well....

Also for supper we were given a lot of chocolate.....(you're starting to see a pattern, aren't you?)

Sister J and I think we might have each gained a million pounds from Christmas chocolate. :P So today, whatever we still have, we're giving away or throwing away. (Nutella doesn't count though, hey?)

Let's see. What else happened this week?

Oh. So we went tracting...And there was this man who answered. And at first he was so nice and so we got super excited to teach him. But then (seriously this happened) he asked us if the church always sends out the sexiest ladies to preach......


So we ditched that scene quick.

#HesDesperate #SuperAwkward

Fortunately the next house we knocked was a super nice family that said we could come back after Christmas and teach them!!! Hooray!

On Christmas Eve, we were tracting and trying frantically to give away the rest of our #HITG cards. And we were getting some doors slammed in our faces. (which is so awkward for everyone, btw) We were kinda feeling like giving up and going somewhere else. But then we decided that we needed to go to one more house. And when we knocked, the lady was so nice. We'll call her K. She let us in and sat us down. We showed her the #HITG video and talked to her about our purpose as missionaries. And she totally just cried her eyes out! :)

She worries that her kids won't be able to recognize the importance of religion if she doesn't find them one to believe in now. And she didn't like that they couldn't understand the reason for Christmas. So she got so excited to show them. She invited us back to teach her and the family!!! :D Hooray!!!

So we're so excited to teach her!

Just a little thing here: I've made it halfway through round 2 of the Book of Mormon. Last week I was reading about Alma the younger. Oh man. I just love that man. He's so amazing, hey? I love that he uses his own conversion story to help others understand the importance of repentance and obedience to the commandments of God. I mean, seriously! He was "the vilest of sinners" and yet, he repented and became one the greatest prophets in the Book of Mormon. If he can do it, so should we!

I know I'm young and super inexperienced and whatever. But I have seen enough miracles on my mission so far to know that God lives and He loves us! I can't even say the smallest part which I feel! I know He does! So therefore, we NEED to do as the Book of Mormon prophets say and "shake off the chains with which we are bound". Stop carrying around your sins! Drop your pride! Come unto Christ! Be perfected in Him! Have new and everlasting joy! :) For those of you who have done so, you know how amazing it is! It's great in the gospel, hey?

Yeah. :) It's important.

I love you all! Happy New Year!!!

Sister Whiting

Christmas day!

Christmas day together

Our tiny church building
Welcome to Drayton Valley!

Our beautiful view driving


#Thanks #CaptainObvious

Canada and their signs....

Car Selfie time in the family history center

Christmas day nap!

fun gift - Go Canada mittens!
#CompUnity #EdmontonOilers 

Christmas day Skyping the family!! (missed you Hannah!!)

More beautiful views

Hidden treasure in the Calgary puzzle -  look closely to see what you can find!
(Will reveal next week...)

Our weird Stuffies

Tracting  Sunday evening

Yes, Drayton Valley has a Timmie's!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Welcome to Drayton Valley

Oh man. This has literally been a week of blood, sweat and tears.

While Sister Warr was helping me take my suitcases out to the car before transfer meeting, she fell and cut her hand all gross-like. And then she pretty much smeared her blood all over my suitcase. haha. :) She says it's so I will never forget her.

Also while I was studying the other day, my bottom lipped totally cracked open and started bleeding. I was laying down and reading the Book of Mormon. But I accidentally dropped it. Not only did it hurt when it landed on my face, but my bloody lip smeared all over the pages. So now it kinda looks like I killed someone with my Book of Mormon....#Awkward

The apartment here in Drayton is AMAZING! It's huge. So big. I love it! But the heater is messed up so it's pretty much always turned onto max heat. We have to keep our windows open and fans blowing so we don't die of heat stroke all the time. The good part of that is it makes the coldness outside not as bad cause we're so tired of the hot. :) #GlassIsHalfFull

We have also been running around like crazy people doing missionary work out here. So. yeah. It's fantastic. I would normally tell you all the stuff we do. But we seriously do SO MUCH MISSIONARY WORK that I can't tell you all of it. It's so much. I love it!

On Tuesday Sister Wamsley and I pretty much spent all day running around saying goodbye to all my amazing Greenfield friends. It was pretty much terrible. I love those people.

Also Sister Warr came over so that she and I could cry together about how much we'll miss each other. It was pretty sad.

Then on Wednesday we had transfer meeting/Christmas conference. It was pretty fantastic. We got to watch Meet the Mormons!!! haha that boxing lady is SO COOL! I totally wish I was her! And we had a musical talent show where President and Sister Manion sang the CUTEST duet about Mary and Jesus. It was soooooooo cute. I wish I had filmed it. But while we were listening, Sister J leaned over and she was like "oh yeah. we're singing in sacrament meeting this Sunday." haha. great. Don't worry. I managed to only have to play the piano. :)

Oh yeah. So. My new companion! Her name is Sister Jones! She's from Utah. And she's THE MOST AMAZING MISSIONARY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! As in, this girl KNOWS her purpose! It's so fantastic! And she's only been out like 4 months. So it's pretty cool to learn so much from her. I'm the luckiest person ever. I just love being a missionary!!!!!

Oh yeah. And one of the missionaries that went home gave me a super super great Christmas present. So that also made me cry. (man I cried a lot this week) But once again, I was super impatient and didn't wait till Christmas to open it. So...#NoRegrets

Alright. Drayton Valley. Essentially the promised land. It's so beautiful. As in, National Geographic status. It's GORGEOUS!!! And it's huge. Well. It's a tiny town. But the area is huge. Cause we have all the surrounding tiny towns. But it's such a cute town. Sort of like Radiator Springs from Cars...But cuter. And the cars don't talk...

Our branch is amazing! It's tiny. The chapel is miniscule. But it's sooo great! Everyone is just so amazing. I love them all! Everyone is so concerned about our Christmas that we now have 3 Christmas trees in our apartment. 2 mini ones and a full size one. :/ Good thing we have such a huge apartment!

Our branch mission leader and his family are from South Africa! They just moved about 6 months ago so they've been out here as long as me. It's really funny talking to them cause Sister J and I both have to concentrate on NOT speaking with an accent. haha. So now most of the time it's just us, we talk to each other in a South African accent. :) It's pretty great.

We have a whole bunch of investigators. And guess what? ALL of their names start with the letter M. So I'm going to have to think of a new way to talk about them...maybe a code system? haha I don't know.

There's also a less-active that we work with that reminds me soooo much of Cindy Wilson. (except that she's less-active or course) So pretty much we instantly connected and she came to church on Sunday. :) It made me sooooooo happy! I LOVE HER!!!!

Ok. What else? I don't know. I love missionary work!

Well. Have a VERY Merry Christmas!

Sister Sarah Whiting
My beautiful new companion, Sister Jones!!!

Said goodbye to my bestest friends ever!! Elder Hedley and Sister Warr

Haha! Love the Tagalog Elders. #Peaceout with Elder Ustare

#bestfriendsforlyfe #futureroommates

Love these girls! Saying goodbye and learning to African dance at the same time.

Farewell party with G and Elder Hedley

I love the Kipps!!!

I did it. I had to. I held Bro. G's new baby. She is so tiny and cute!

Goodbye to the G family.

Me and Lucy just being BFF's

I LOVE the Kastendiecks!

Sister Haylin and Sofia!! Love you girls!!!

Drayton Valley

This is seriously where we drive every day.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Fairwell Greenfield

Transfer calls at 11:20. How crazy is that?!?!

That's right. It's transfer week. And I'm leaving my hometown, Greenfield. It's sooo weird!!!! Usually I don't like to tell you who I'm getting until transfers have actually happened. But. I'm so excited. I can't wait.

I'M GOING TO DRAYTON VALLEY TO BE WITH SISTER JONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As in, the Sister Jones that I'm already Fb friends with! Crazy, hey? And it's a driving area. And I'll be the senior companion. So I have to drive. In the winter. In an area I don't know. haha


I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is so crazy. Oh man. I can't even calm down. And Sister Warr used to be in Drayton so she's telling me all about it. Essentially it's the promised land. :) And I'm going there. I'm so so so so so so excited!!!!!!!!

Ok. Enough of that.

This week was a total gong show. But that's ok. It was also fun. It's been super warm! I haven't even needed to wear my huge coat most days. It's sunny and lovely. The only bad thing about it is that the snow has melted and then at night we get freezing rain. So it's sooooooooooo slippery. We're getting donuts this week for sure!

Oh. Here's something funny...

So we go train contacting a lot right? Well. The other day, we were at the LRT station and there was this man playing the guitar. So we stopped to talk to him. And he seemed super cool. We gave him a He is the Gift card and a Book of Mormon. That was that.

Then he started texting us. And he was sooooo creepy! He knew our first names! And he started gettin kinda sketch. Then he straight up asked me to marry him...

That's right.

I got proposed to.

Over text.

So then it was weird. And then he tried to ask me to have a secret love affair with him. :P


Yeah. That was exciting. And weird. haha. The funny thing is that I was warned about this kind of stuff in the MTC by my branch president's wife.

Moving on.

Since I'm getting transferred to an outlying area I only get mail like once a transfer. So if I don't get things right away, don't freak out. Instead of getting a bit of mail every week, I'll just get a big 'ole pile of mail after a long time. #RandomButImportant


Ok. I thought of something else! We taught P and B a new member lesson!! It was ALL of lesson 4. So it took a while. But we got through it. And it was fun. B is only 13 so the Law of Chastity was so awkward for him. haha. To make it better, the Elders came and crashed our lesson so we made them teach the rest. It was great.

So yeah. That was this week.

Now. Before I go, I need you all to do something for me.

1. Go to
2. Search "What Shall We Give?"
3. Watch the video with your whole family
4. Share it with ALL your friends

The end.

Sister Whiting
Our District - while the others throw snowballs at us!!!

My favorite people!!


My true sister

Funerals for Elder Hedley and Elder Bramwell

P and B (what? no J?)

See the Adorable stocking Sister Wamsley's mom sent me?

Saturday, December 13, 2014

This Christmas Season: Discover the Gift, Embrace the Gift, Share the Gift

Heelllloooooo family!!!                                                                         December 8, 2014

Happy almost Christmas!!! In like....17 days...haha I'm so pumped

So anyways. What about that Christmas devotional last night? It was amazing, hey? So good. Oh man. I love that Elder Christofferson smiles pretty much the entire time he's talking. And also I loved his talk. So much. And I love MoTab. :)

This week has been crazy! We've spent all week sharing #HeistheGift with the ward and all the people that ever ride the train. haha. It's been good.

So pretty much so many miracles have happened this week.

We decided to call all the less active people in our ward and ask them if we can come share a Christmas message with them. Most of them said no. :( But there were a few that said YES!!!!!!! And it wasn't just anyone. One was a lady who hasn't let members come to her house in years!!!! And when we went to visit her, she asked us to come back every week!!!!!



The other one is a lady that we've spent a lot of time trying to know how to help her. And what actually happened is that a ward member asked her if she'd be willing to have the missionaries in her home each week and she said yes!!!


The best thing ever is when members do what they can to invite people to meet with missionaries so that when we extend the invitation to meet with us, they're already prepped and ready and WILLING to see us. It's so great. I love member missionaries. So much!

So yeah. We met with them and showed the He is the Gift video with them.

I love that video.

Let me say that again.


I've watched it so many times that when I hear the music of it, I can narrate the entire video. I love it. I never get tired or watching it. During time each week, I watch it like 5 or 6 times. I think I intend to get something new out of it every time. But what really happens is I watch it and just get all happy inside cause I love Christmas and the Savior and giving and love and peace and hope and everything. :) It's so happy.

Speaking of happy. Wanna hear an awkward but funny story? Who am I kidding? Of course you do!

So Sister W and I were train contacting and then as we were walking out of the LRT station, a man stopped to talk to us. He was sooo funny! He would say "I'm not on drugs" every other sentence. And he'd be like "I'm not hitting on you. But. You both are beautiful."
We talked to him about He is the Gift and how we're helping people focus on giving instead of receiving and he instantly wanted to talk about how he totally believes in free love....:O
He kept calling me "smiles" and Sister W "cute one".

Talk about weird.

So then to try and end it and walk away, we gave him a "He is the Gift" card...but now he has our number....and he texts us....haha. So much awkward all at once, ya know? So yeah. We're gonna do the smackdown tonight.


This weekend we also had a big stake Christmas Music program. It was soooo good! And it was crazy because we showed up and guess who was there! G!!! Remember G from like 2 transfers ago?!?! He was there and he sat by us!! Then he came to church yesterday!! AND he came to the Christmas Devo with us!!!! :O It was sooo cool! I was so happy he came. We're going to meet with him this week and help him have a fantastic Christmas! :)

Well. I'm sure much more exciting stuff happened. But I can't really remember it all at the moment. Sheesh. Missions are so fast. I don't know what's happening....

This morning I read the talk President Uchtdorf gave at the last Priesthood session. It's called "Lord, Is It I?" Read it here:

It's so good. That's all I can really say.

So anyways. I love you all. Happy Christmastime. :)

Sister Whiting

Check out these icicles!!!!

They're bigger than that one I kept a few winters ago...Hannah you know the one I'm talking about. ;)

That awkward moment when there is nobody on the train...

Christmas Season Has Officially Begun!! - December 1, 2014

Hello, hello family!

So. It's pretty much been -35 and -40 all week. So. It's cold. But we found out that we're expected to be out working until it gets BELOW -40. So yeah. #ThermalsAreMyBestFriends

On the bright side, I have the BEST COAT EVER!!!!!!!!! It's amazing. It's the most comfy thing in the whole world!!! I've started using it as a coat when I'm outside and a blanket when I'm inside. It's so amazing. I totally have a testimony of Canada Goose. :)

Haha. Anyways.

So this week is the first week of the #HeistheGift initiative. It started on Friday and it's been GREAT! Something about having Christmas themed pass-along cards gives us all a super boost of confidence when it comes to talking with everyone. It's soooo fun! I love it so so so much!

If you haven't seen the video yet, stop reading this blog. Like. Stop. Right now. Go to and watch it RIGHT NOW!

If you HAVE seen the video. Stop right now. Go to that same website. Watch the video. And then scroll through the website and discover all the cool ways you can #SharetheGift with EVERYONE!

:) That video makes me so happy. Can you tell?

Anyways. So yeah. Since it's so cold, we can't just tract all day. So unless we have an appointment, we go train contacting. It's super duper fun. On Saturday we went with the Elders and after each round we'd compare how many cards we'd each given away. #FriendlyCompetition

Something SUPER exciting happened to me this week!!!! STORY TIME!!!!

K. So last Monday, pretty much right after I emailed all of you, I got a call from the Tagalog elders in our stake. They were like "Sister Whiting. We know you play the piano. So can you play the piano at our investigator's wedding this Friday?"

haha. Oh man. There's nothing like being asked less than a week before a wedding to play the piano. To make it better, I'm a missionary. So I don't have sheet music for love songs or the wedding march...haha. So I had to scramble and then I had to find spare time at the church to practice.

So we showed up on Friday at 5:30. The wedding was supposed to start at 6. It ended up starting at 7:15. It only lasted about 6 minutes. I played one round of "here comes the bride". And then I played "I love you for sentimental reasons" like 20 times. haha

It was soooo awkward!!!!!!!!!

But whatevs. It was fun. And we got to eat some pretty delicious Filipino food. :)

Oh! I just remembered you all had Thanksgiving this week! How was that?! haha. We didn't have a supper appointment on that day. So we went to Olive Garden with the Rutherford sisters. It was pretty nice. We got black tie cheesecake. :) yummmmm!

At church yesterday, we had a meeting combined with the adults and youth. Everyone had to sit in their families and we talked about the Family: A Proclamation to the World. It was so cool. We watched the talk President Eyring gave at the Vatican a while ago. If you haven't seen that, STOP. and go to this link:

And watch it. It's soo good! I love what he says about his wife. :)

I just love families. They're so important. I love my family! They're the BEST EVER!!!!! I love being a missionary too. It's the best. I love the snow. Even when it's like 1.5 meters high. I love tracting and train contacting. I love the #HeistheGift video. I love Mr. Kreuger's Christmas. (we totally watched that yesterday) I love it. :) So much! :D

OH MAN!!! I'M SOOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK AND I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you guys. oh. wait. sorry. I'm not allowed to say guys.

I love you people. :) So much. Be good to each other.

Sister Whiting

It's sooooo cold!!!!!!

When the weather outside is frightful, the best thing to do is buy Ramen Noodles

While helping get a car unstuck, one of the elders accidentally drove off for like 2 minutes.
Doesn't this Elder look scared?!  #Unlegit

Our recent convert asked us to help put up her Christmas decorations

It looks like a thought bubble. We wanted to write "He is the Gift" with dry erase marker, but she said no.

Merry Christmas from the Greenfield area missionaries

Day 1 of snow. You can still see me when I stand in it. Now...not so much.