Monday, January 26, 2015

The Safety of Slush

That's right. Slush. This week it's been like plus 10 all week!!! So the snow on the roads has melted and formed massive lakes in the gutters. Sister J likes to park right by them so I have to wade through them to get out of the car. haha. But it's ok as long as I don't swim in them....;)

But yeah. The sunshine has been out and it's been so warm that Sister J and I go tracting all day in SHORT SLEEVES!!! You heard me. Short sleeves. And it's not even cold. :) It makes us so happy.

The only problem is that for a few days, it was EXTREMELY icy. We got some pretty hardcore freezing rain that covered the roads in slippery death. So it takes us quite a bit longer to tract because we have to slowly shuffle from house to house. :) But now it's so warm that the ice is gone and it's just water.

On Tuesday Sister J and I got to check off an item from our mission bucket lists.

WE SAW 2 MOOSE!!!!!!!

Yeah. That's right. We were driving to our lesson that's like 20 minutes out of town and we had a member in the backseat. It was all quiet and whatnot. Then she just casually says "oh look. moose."

I think Sister J was going to crash the car. We both FREAKED OUT!!!! We've been trying to find moose for forever. And there in the field stood two moose. Sadly we only got a quick peek cause we were driving fast. But it was still cool. :) #ThingsToSeeInCanada

The lesson we were on our way to was with our investigator M. She is so great. We taught her the rest of lesson 3. (well. she pretty much taught herself lesson 3 cause she's so spiritually prepared) And then we asked her to prepare to be baptized the end of February. And she said YES!!! ;D

Then she asked us to come back and teach the rest of her family!!!!!!!

So yeah. It was a miracle!!!

Sister J and I had this awkward experience where we prayed HARDCORE for revelation to help us with our investigators. So then the other morning, while I was putting on my makeup, I kinda thought that maybe we should start our lesson with C with a hymn. But that's kinda weird. So I ignored it. But then during studies, Sister J was like "what if we started the lesson for C with a song?"

We were like DANGIT! That's not the revelation we wanted!!!!! (Sometimes we accidentally think that we can just decide that we know best. This results in thinking we can choose the revelation we receive.....)

So we spent all day feeling nervous cause we totally didn't want to sing for him...Even though we're supposed to fear God and not man..........

But we did it. We sang the first verse of "I Need Thee Every Hour". And it was only mildly awkward. And the lesson went really well! So....lesson learned Heavenly Father.

*insert clever transition here*

I played a piano duet in Sacrament meeting with Bro. Palsky. It was really cool I guess.

Also the Elders are no longer in Drayton. THE SISTER MISSIONARIES ARE NOW THE SOLE PROVIDERS OF SALVATION TO THE PEOPLE OF DRAYTON VALLEY!!! haha jk. We're just here to help the members with that.

Yeah. Elder Jackson got called to be the new AP. So that's cool. And Elder Wilson is in the city now. So we are alone out here. :O

It's weird.

Now you might have seen on FB that I'm giving up sweets this week to help Gord stop smoking.

Yeah. It's true. I really am. As in. No more skinny cow ice cream bars. And no more DQ. And no more dessert. At all. None. No sweets.


It's really exciting. We made these little "spiritual cigarettes" for him to carry around so that every time he wants to smoke, he can take out his cigarettes and read a spiritual thought. :)

Um....what else...........

haha. oh I know.

So today was transfer calls day. And last night we were talking to Elder Jackson on the phone and he said something that very much sounded like we were going to be transferred. So we totally freaked out! Sister J is the bestest missionary in the whole world! Not only is she a major role model for me, she's also one of my best friends! I love her! I love this area! This area is amazing! So much is going to happen. We really didn't want to get split up.

Then today we didn't get a call. We're not getting transferred. There was a sister who said:

"Don't cry over spilt milk that hasn't even spilt yet." #LifeMotto #StayPositive

Also really quick I want to share a scripture with you. I just found it and I love it. :)

Luke 22:33

I realize now that 18 months is SUPER short. I want to give this my all. And really, life is short! We're all missionaries! We need to give this our all! Now is the time! This life is the time for men to prepare to meet God! (and also to help others prepare to meet Him)
Are you willing to follow the Savior wherever He goes to help people come unto Him?

Love ya!!!! Happy almost February!!!
Sister Whiting

It's so Sunny!!!!

Short Sleeve Tracting!!!!!

And then we found this weird tree...

It's such a lovely day!! What are we doing in the car?!?


Sometimes we get love notes from members...

And sometimes we get hate notes from strangers.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

There is Sunshine in My Soul Today!

Holy Miracles Batman!! This week has been INSANELY full of MIRACLES!!! I don't even know where to start!

So we went on exchanges this week. I went to Lakewood with Sister Gardner and Sister Douglas came here to be with Sister J. It was pretty much the greatest! While I was in the city, Sister J and Sister D got us 3 new investigators and a few potentials!

Right after we exchanged we had a lesson with our progressing investigator M. She's so so wonderful! I love love LOVE her!! We taught her about baptism and she said as soon as she can get to church she would love to be baptized! Hooray!!!

Our other progressing investigators dropped us. :( But the bridge isn't burned. So we'll hopefully be hearing from her again eventually. :)

Remember the inactive lady who we tried to read the Book of Mormon with last week? Well we went to her house again and she let us in again!!! We pulled up "The Hope of God's Light" for her and did her dishes while she watched it. It was sooo good!!! She loved it! The spirit was so strong! While we kept doing her dishes she watched the video on repeat cause she loved it so much. Finally she asked us why the video made her cry so much. We taught her about the spirit and how God confirms what is right through him. It was so good. When we left, she was so happy! And SHE CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!!!

Right after we taught her, we had a lesson with our investigator from last week who has been struggling. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and helped her to understand how to know God is in our lives. It went really well! I love when people aren't afraid to ask us legitimate questions! We're seeing her again this week. :)

So I think I told you we do service at the hospital every Friday morning. We go to the long term care where people with dementia live and we just visit with them. Well this week we went and played Snakes and Ladders with two ladies. It was HILARIOUS! One of them was a little more loud and crazy and the other couldn't even lift a fork by herself. So the one active lady kept getting so mad at the other lady because she wasn't rolling the dice correctly. Haha we had to call for backup!! :O #AwkardServiceStories #ILoveOldPeople

We realized that we've been so busy this week teaching lessons that we haven't even had any time to go tracting. So the other day we set aside a half an hour to knock some doors. We drove to a potential's house to see if she was available. And after she wasn't home, we kind of stood in the street and tried to decide what to do. I looked down the street and at the very end was a pink trailer. Almost as soon as I saw it, I really felt like we needed to try there. So we walked all the way down the street. And the lady who lived there was SOOOO nice! She gave us her number and asked us to call her to set up a time to meet next week! :D Hooray!

Sister J and I have kind of hated being 
Facebook missionaries. Every day we leave the library feeling totally apostate. :P But then this guy who's friends with a recent convert in our branch added us and asked us about the church!!! We taught him a couple Facebook lessons and then last night we taught him in person at this member's house!!! IT WAS TOTALLY COOL!!!!!!! So yeah. We don't hate Facebook anymore. :)

We got prank called in the middle of the night. Somebody called and told us they were ready to accept the Lord and wanted to meet with us. Sister J and I were all excited!!! We thought it would be like those famous mission stories you hear where someone just called the missionaries cause they were ready to get baptized. But the next day when we called back, they were all mad at us for contacting them cause their friends just drunk called us. :P So that was sad.

But not really cause we've seen SO MANY MIRACLES this week!!!!!!

Plus I'd rather be super hopeful and excited about everything and occasionally be let down than always doubt people's sincerity. Ya know?

My favorite part of the week was when Gord decided to stop smoking!!!!! Our supper appointment cancelled on us. And immediately after, he called and invited us to come to supper with them. And now he's gonna quit so he and his adorable wifey can be sealed in the temple for eternity next Valentine's Day!!!! HOW ADORABLE IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?! I'm so excited. I almost died of happiness and excitement after that. :D :D :D

Plus the sun has been shining all week!!! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

EVERYTHING IS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!! It's been SUCH a good week. I can't even believe it. I love bein' a missionary!!!!

A member let me hold her baby miniature horse

Just petting the miniature horse!!

Beginning of a beautiful sunset

Gorgeous sunset! every single night!!

Look at what I caught!! :)

Our adorable investigators

Supper with the K Family

We found this bag of little plastic square things. We had no idea what they were so naturally we put them in the microwave. When hot, they explode into little rice cracker things!!! :D

Beautiful Canadian Sunset

Friday, January 16, 2015

Crazy Week!

Hellloooo family!!!!!!

Oh my goodness! Talk about crazy! This week. If you look up in the dictionary "Crazy", you would see this week in DV with me and Sister J. Seriously. Woah. So this email is gonna be long...just warning you...

For fast Sunday we fasted specifically to find people through the members who were ready to hear the gospel. And then we got 4 new investigators!!!!!!! (granted...we found all of them through we need to work with the members on giving us referrals...but still. crazy, hey?)

One of these new investigators was a lady we tracted into during the #HITG initiative. We've stopped by a few times but each time she is busy. So this time we decided we needed to give it one last go around. And she was there and she let us in!! We showed her the 'Because of Him' video and talked about faith in Jesus Christ. She totally opened up to us about some really hard things she's experienced in her life and Sister J and I were able to testify to her that we KNOW the gospel blesses our lives and helps us to overcome trials. She said she wanted a week to read the Book of Mormon and then we could come back. So we have an appointment with her this week to follow up!

We had 2 lessons this week with our investigators C and K. We brought the branch president and his wife along. They started out good. Haha.

Pretty much Sister J and I keep telling ourselves that not every investigator is a golden find. Sometimes they have concerns or holdups. That's ok. We're patient...

Our other new investigator is L. She lives in Evansburg which is a 30 minute drive from DV. She's sooooooo nice! Finding her was kinda scary...but it was so cool!!!!

So we had some extra time before supper but we don't have a lot of people we know there. So we decided to just knock on some doors. We were going along having mediocre success, when we see this truck on the side of the road. It was running and we saw a lady inside. Earlier we set a goal to talk to EVERYONE so we kind of awkwardly stood there nervously. We wanted to talk to her but we were SOOO nervous!

But then we just did it. We walked up to the truck and she looked up at us. She got out of the truck and let us into her house so we could talk! At first she thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses (that's normal though....NBD) but when we told her about what we believe she was all excited. She has NEVER heard anything about any religion before. She was brought up to ignore it. So she wants to learn about ours so she can decide if her kids can be brought up in it!!! She's going to drive to DV TWICE A WEEK to visit with us!!!!!! :O how crazy is that?!?!?!?!!?!

I love her. :)

Last Monday we were teaching some less-actives and while we were there, we both got SUPER thirsty. But we didn't want to distract from the lesson. So as soon as we left we went to the store to get some water bottles. While we were there, the Backstreet Boys came on. So we had a little dance party in the store. (good thing we were the only ones there...) Sometimes '90s music is a tender mercy...#MissionLyfe

Saturday was a gong show.

We went to visit an inactive lady who almost never lets us in. But this time she did. And we tried to read the Book of Mormon with her...and...let's just say that we did our best. :D

Everything else is great. It's all so great here. Even the temperature is going up! So we are only slightly freezing! It's so great!

Now. As you pretty much all know, I'm officially a Facebook missionary now! Hooray. So that means I get to be on facebook for an hour a day to share uplifting messages with the world and find people in DV to teach. I do get to be your fb friends. But I can't talk to you or anything unless it's for missionary purposes. So if you try to fb message me and I don't respond, don't freak out. I just gotta be obedient, ya know? Thanks!

I just love being a missionary!

Love love love,
Sister Whiting
#Drivintothecity #Roadtrip
Lyrics to our favorite song

These members have 2 huge "Harry Potter" dogs.  They are soooo funny!

Our appointment fell through so we had to buy minion cookies.

Our companionship in a nutshell. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!!

I can't believe it's 2015. Weird. Time is going by soooooo fast!!!!!!!

This week was crazy! So I told you our branch is tiny. Literally every Sunday while Sister J and I stand at the chapel doors to greet people, our Branch President will come in and say "looks like we're few and far between."

Every week.

Since our branch is so tiny, it means there's pretty much no one who plays the piano...and here I come on my very first Sunday playing the piano in Sacrament meeting... [Note from the Editor: all those piano lessons are paying off now!!]

So I'm the primary pianist for now. :) It's so fun. The church is the most true in primary. And Sister J helps when they sing rounds and stuff. It's so great.

We had district meeting this week! (sadly we only get it twice a transfer out here cause we have to drive an hour and a half to get to the next area) We got to set goals for the new year and write them on paper airplanes. Then we had a flying contest to see who's goals would make it the longest. Sister J and I are the only sisters in the's weird. haha. But fun. And the drive to RMH is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful!
 [I had to ask her what RMH was - Rocky Mountain House. It is a town in Alberta. Now we know.]
It dumped snow. And the temperature dropped to something completely ridiculous. Like. It's so cold that as soon as you go outside you start coughing really bad. And all your muscles all start to seize up trying to save themselves. And any air that gets into your nose or mouth instantly freezes. It's so cold. IT'S SO COLD!!!!

But it's fun. haha. It's so crazy and weird that it gets so cold that it makes missionary work more interesting. Does that sound totally pathetic?

Anyways. So we met with one of our investigators twice this week. She's super super nice. VERY Christian. And loves to share her big spiritual experiences with us.

After our lesson with her one day, she asked us if we could go with her to visit an old friend who's in the hospital. So we went. And man, was it weird!!

Sister J sat on the bed with her and I sat in the seat of a walker...Then our investigator was like "would you like to join us in praying for her?" Obviously we said yes...But it was so weird. like.... I don't know. I guess I shouldn't really describe it. But it did not seem right....Sister J and I had to go home right after leaving and read the Book of Mormon for like a half an hour.

But then we met with her again a few days later and all is well. We read from Alma and helped her to see that the Book of Mormon teaches correct doctrine. :)

We also got 3 new investigators!!! HOORAY!!! They're all super super nice! I love them all!! And now that it's not the holiday season, we're actually going to be able to meet with people!! Hooray!!!!!!!

Well...We did a bunch of other stuff. Haha. But I can't really remember everything....It's just been such a great week...

oh! So I bore my testimony in church yesterday. And it was sooo embarrassing. I was talking about Alma and Amulek and how they showed a lot of faith and courage as they shared the gospel. It was going to be really great. Except that literally EVERY time I try to say Amulek, I say Almulek. It's like one of those celebrity couple names like Brangelina. So pretty much that's what we call them. :)

Speaking of Almulek. I'm just going to geek out about them really quick.

After Abinidi got BURNED for testifying of Christ, Alma IMMEDIATELY repents and goes about preaching the same thing. He doesn't wait for things to "simmer" down with King Noah. He doesn't just go to a different town to preach. He just goes and does the same thing as Abinidi!

Talk about courage!!! He was willing to risk his life!

Then later on, he goes out with Amulek to preach the gospel to the people. And after Alma has been talking for a while, the people start to get all worked up (as usual) and threaten to kill him.

Without hesitation, Amulek steps up and starts to preach as well.

He didn't say "oh ok. thanks anyways. sorry for bugging you."

He risked his life and Alma's.

These guys were the BEST MISSIONARIES EVER!!!!

So my new year's resolution is to fear God more than man. I shouldn't be afraid to be bold and share the gospel to EVERYONE! I should talk to everyone. I should testify to everyone.

And so should you. :)

Love ya!!!

Sister Whiting
Mini Pump Jack #Oiltown


We got to do service at a light show in the town of Rocky Mountain House

Sometimes nightly planning can get crazy
Can't study without our space heater!

New year's Eve party... We were so determined to watch the John Tanner story for New Year's Eve but our DVD player broke. Then we were super sad. #Notreallyaparty  #Missionaryproblems 

We got to visit a farm of one of the members in our area

Don't you just love the miniature horse?!

We got to help with the farm chores

...and feed the animals

Feeding the mini cows
Check out the Divalicious eyelashes on the Alpaca!!